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  • mysteriously_here mysteriously_here Jul 7, 2008 1:55 PM Flag

    I bought 15,000 today at $4.40


    "that's why several different posters claim mysteriously_here is jenarogers?"

    Do you mean the multiple IDs of one poster, of which you may be yet another?

    Stupid and irrelevant. Nobody cares about the lies you want to spew. They won't alter the truth. Why repeat them?

    "Is it because...?"

    It is because some idiot liars who were caught in the act thought they could restore their credibility with dishonest nonsense that nobody cares about. You are following the same stupid path as the banned liars, abusers, and harassers. Why?

    "sounds like your pattern observation is a self confession?"

    Sounds stupid, irrelevant, and dishonest. The issue has been covered. Yet you insist on rehashing lies about things nobody cares about. Why?

    "I'm only displaying what the patterns show"

    You aren't displaying anything. Your posts, like gxx5go and park99sunshine posts babble things but never establish a foundation for them. Why?

    The pattern shows that you are spewing the same irrelevant nonsense that was endlessly spewed by banned participants who were abusers, harassers, and liars. That's what the pattern shows. Why?

    "I am not stating that you are the same person"

    You are making unfounded implications in an effort to continue the same nonsensical attacks on other participants that were the staple of the banned personas. Why continue babbling about other posters? Especially when nobody cares what you have to say about them? You are a known and confessed liar.

    "when children go missing parent's normally take a lie detector test to show they have nothing to hide"

    Stupid and irrelevant.

    "your pattern mysterious is writing long posts and usually blaming those you disagree by attacking their statements and conclusions which appears as a veiled way of attacking those posters personally"

    I rationally deconstruct flawed arguments and correct erroneous data. If someone is personally attached to beliefs that are not founded in reason and data and consider it a personal attack to be questioned and to have their beliefs tested against the data, that is not a personal attack. Honest people with brains understand that. Liars, deceivers, and stupid people do not. Which are you?

    "rational individuals would conclude you are both the same person or possibly that you are obsessed with jena"

    What do you know about rational individuals? Your reasoning skills have been shown in several instances to be very poor.

    The truth is you keep bringing up Jena and keep talking about me. When was her last post here? Months ago? Before your ID was created. You appear to be the one obsessed with talking about other participants. Why is that? Don't you have anything meaningful to contribute about Six Flags?

    "in the absence of a lie detector test rational individuals would conclude the former is true"

    Stupid, irrelevant, dishonest, and wrong again.

    "again I am only showing what the patterns show"

    Yes. You are showing that you have the same obsession with Jena and me that the banned posters had. An irrational pattern from an irrational individual. That is what the pattern you are illustrating shows.

    Nobody cares. Nobody's interested. You have nothing of value to offer about Six Flags. You just want to assassinate the character of other participants. Too bad you aren't rational enough to see you are committing character suicide. Just like your banned friends.

    "I am not accusing you of being jena"

    Stupid and irrelevant.

    "And why would you write that so and so lives in a particular state"

    I live in Wilmington, NC. So?

    "that is a clear violation of the yahoo TOS"

    Really? Which provision?


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