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  • mister_took mister_took Jun 22, 2007 12:28 PM Flag

    I feel for stock holders

    I really feel bad for the stockholders (well the girl mostly) but you guys have to be kidding yourself if you honestly think this won't have a material impact on the company. The horrific nature of the incident will insure it.

    Being in Chicago I usually go to Great America one to two times a year with Family and friends. I don't think we will be going any time soon. It won't take to many people like myself to have an impact.

    To make a terrible Pun consumers are going to vote for their feet. Ok I probably shouldn't have said that.

    It's unfortunate if you are a stockholder, but look on the brightside, you could have been the girl.

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    • blah, blah, blah. save us your pity. I also live in chicago and this will not affect my plans what so ever. first of all, you are way overestimating the publicity this will get. had I not read it on this message board I never would have heard about this. secondly, accidents happen all the time in real life, does that mean you're going to stop driving your car because your engine might explode at any time or a drunk driver might hit you? speaking of drunk drivers, how many alcohol companies went out of business because of all the "negative" publicity? finally, this is exactly why Shapiro wants to diversify and bought Dick Clark Productions. when you have a steady stream of income from other ventures, these sort of incidents will have less and less of an impact on the company's stock price.

      so please short more and save us your pity.

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      • Let me begin by saying I shorted this stock today immediatly after hearing of this incident. I am aware of the recent positive changes for the company, but am capable of understanding the massive damage that will result from this.If you are long you should sell immediatly and don't listen to clowns like old eints here. Hadn't heard of it till this message board? Bah! This story is running on a 10 minute loop on CNN Headline News and will be on the front page of EVERY SINGLE NEWSPAPER IN THE WORLD tomorrow morning. It will likely be on O'Reilly Factor and every other major news show TONIGHT. Get your head outta your ass and stop trying to spin this. Trust me when I say you'll have a chance to buy back in at a couple of bucks lower if you unload now. The institutional boys will be unloading at days end ( and many hedgies will go short) and they don't want you to get out before they make their moves. Be afraid VERY afraid! Just wait till the cell phone videos start showing up on You Tube,etc. If Six Flags loses even 30% of it's customers for 2007, and those 30% of customers no longer encourage their friends/families to go to Six Flags...well you can see the damage will explode exponentially.

      • I don't know anything about the underlying financials of this company so I don't think I am going to take a position long or short.

        However, I do think you are dramatically underplaying the amount of coverage this is going to get. It was on's front page this morning. I am sure more will begin to pick it up.

        So the stock market seems to be suggesting that this is going to cost the company 10-15 million. That sounds about right to me, but I think there is a very real chance that it could be dramatically more.