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  • jbubuna jbubuna Aug 7, 2002 5:43 PM Flag

    don't be worry tommorow a good day $5

    lume investor knows that the stock value will go up soon to $6

    So no body is selling only BUY BUY BUY

    see you soon

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    • This rally lasted one day, finished by 11 am because insiders could not keep it going. I also heard at AAD that many reps have jumped ship for Syneron and others.

      Loss of good people is a disaster for any company. Combined with lawsuits, SEC investigation, flat sales, deteriorating balance sheet, Sagi Genger, and huge debt LUME will need a miracle.

      The LUME boiler room is painting a rosy picture of this dog without any facts or references to support so do your due diligence. If they get enough suckers to buy this POS than I will short it and take the rest of your money.

      last 4 qtrs revenue = 368M, q2 revenue =92M There is no growth here. jbooboo, jcarob and others will have you believe this company is taking off, but its only hope is cost cutting.

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      • Syneron and others have recruited good talent. quality Luminaries have jumped ship. Chaos has come to LUME and only a miracle from H. can save this. I can't believe the vicious idiots...I battled them in Feb on strong sell...I knew the CMG people and HGM all the BS Sagi cooked up to beef top line..shareholder lawsuit is in the lawyers . I always hated ESC sales people for giving the business a bad reputation. They could survive in some limited form after selling off pieces...who would buy this junk....the lipstick is running on this board..kick there lying asses Spin. Check my postS from Feb foward.