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  • working_stiff2 working_stiff2 Apr 21, 1998 6:48 PM Flag


    do anyone think the news tonight will have any effect on the stock tomorrow?

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    • I would like to know how you determined the price will drop to 13-15 and that it will reach 50. I think that both of these "predictions" are unreasonable. Unless earnings tank for several quarters, or earnings skyrocket, I don't think either will occur. Please provide the rationale for your "predictions"


    • STOCK WILL HIT 13-15 range. Bull cycle hasn't started yet. When the interest rates start to climb so will yellow. I predict the stock will climb to 50 and split. I not bullish yet but ready to jump in when my price target is reach.

    • The loss of the Home Depot account greatly impacted YFS as it would any company. This account represented millions upon
      millions of dollars in revenue. To make matters worse, Home also instructed all of there suppliers to stop using YFS, again
      representing millions upon millions in lost revenue. The funny thing is, it was management that told Home to get lost, not the other way
      around. At current price levels, there is very little risk in YFS stock. We are starting to see a recovery in buisness lost. This
      stock will trade in the next comming months between 22 and 26 dollars, which is where it trades historically. If you are getting
      in now, you will make some case. Having said that, I agree that the current management is more focused on race cars and
      balloons then they are in getting the freight picked up and delivered. This stock is not a good long term play, and if you bought in
      above $26, dont look to recover your losses anytime soon. Also, transportation is a cyclical industry, if the econamy slows down,
      no transport stocks will be worth holding. They move in cycles and I believe, this bull cycle is comming to a close. As
      inflation kicks in, you will want to move your assets into the oil sectors, preferabbly the drillers. Trading at historic lowes with
      the price of oil bottomed out and heading up. This is the area with most value. GOOD LUCK TO ALL

    • Your message hits the nail right on the head. I spent eight years with cf, during that time frame conway went from a start up outfit to the major player that it is today,funded with money that was earned from the union sector. The purchase of Emery air freight is yet another example. Union profits were used to stop the financial bleeding here as well. This is one of those times that I can honestly say that I know how you feel. Hang in there!!

    • not much

      man this is the deadest board i have been to. think i will goto the funeral directors stock board. there is more life over there.

      go yellow