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  • big.willa big.willa Nov 11, 2008 9:09 PM Flag

    Zuk Tamrur 4-don't laugh

    the israelis started seriously drilling 6 days ago at zuk tamrur 4; i think the drop we're seeing is deliberate, to make their drilling unviable. OPEC may say they're cutting but they rarely actually do and i'm guessing they'll be damned to see the jews strike oil; whose going to blink first? sound goofy, laughing already? go ahead, this makes as much sense as what i've seen on this board.

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    • i don't get any particular joy out of it, i went long awhile back with the drop, i never thougth it'd get this low again, particularly with middle east tensions; but what the hey, i've lost so much $$$ i'm becoming numb to it now. i don't think israel will ever have the fields of some of its neighbors but its the principle i'm talking about;

      off topic, i heard a fascinating report that the real wealth of israel may be natural steam power to harvest minerals from dead sea; don't know much about that, but is intriguing

    • Big

      I'd say OPEC will blink first, they have a track record. Maybe they will invite the Jews to join OPEC! Or not.
      Oil headed for the 40s soon. So happy to see commie boy from Venezuela and his OPEC buddies sweat. Oh Yeah, I'm still blissfully short oil! hallelulah!

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