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  • bettina_donazetti bettina_donazetti Dec 4, 2004 10:08 AM Flag

    Bush Woman-Hating FDA to stop Intrinsa

    You are so stupid, I won't even address your idiocy.

    Your hatred of women is palpable. That's the Bush game. Try to throw the blame for their own backward anti-scientific neanderthal mentality on those trying to do something for humanity. You're right, I hate fascism. I hate evil. I hate right wing stupidity and your rhetoric is a prime example.

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    • This is where your stupidity comes from:

      <<<Ha, ha, ha. Maybe you can be a standup comic at the next Repuke convention.

      Or the next all male we-hate-woman conference. Your paternal attitude is sick.

      I'm sure you won't attempt to explain the exceptional success fo Viagra and other similar drugs. >>>

      The hate, the personal attacks, the liberal rhetoric here, just stating the 'prime example' of where your stupidity comes from...

      If you hate evil you need to remove yourself from the party you associate with, unless you are still in the complete fog about why the DEMs got sent packing YET AGAIN...

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