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  • bstingfinger bstingfinger Apr 23, 2009 7:27 AM Flag

    DID BUSH wreck the worlds economy??? Truth here...

    From the lips of the man who designed the downfall. Just because he's a gay man doesn't give him the right to destroy my life or your lives...we want Justice!

    Please read all of the highlights....
    I'll be writing an apology letter to the Bush family.

    What a travesty and what a loss of our money....will Barney Frank pay it back???

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    • Blah blah blah blah blah THats the translation of your garbage. Peope wonder why the republiboob/conservative base is shrinking. Just read his silly diatribe. LOL

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      • Peope wonder why the republiboob/conservative base is shrinking. Just read his silly diatribe. LOL

        Only morons wonder why the republiboob base is shrinking..that and extremists. I have been saying for years now that the repoob base is fractured. Truth is the entire party is lost at sea with no captain. Oh that's right they have Mr no..John Boehner. The biggest fool of all! The same guy who betrayed his constituents by turning down stimulus money to prove what point?
        He will be gone next election and if Palin runs again for governor she will lose too! Let's hope the repoobs are stupid enough to run her for Pres in 2012! Of course their choices are limited. They have no idea who is the party's leader. I do is limbaugh and the Fox news guys. Let's lobby for having Limbaugh run lol.

      • Republiboob?

        Barry's teleprompter must be a

        "The President, often criticized for his overuse of the teleprompter, had decided to adlib the portion of his speech where he introduced his designates to the Council of Advisors on Science and Technology. The problem with not sticking to the script? The teleprompter operator didn’t seem to catch on. After noticing the same names he had just uttered on his teleprompter screen, President Obama stopped midsentence, paused awkwardly and told the crowd “I just noticed I jumped the gun here.” Then after a second, Obama spoke directly to the unseen teleprompter operator,” Go ahead move it up. I already introduced those "

    • goffnett Apr 24, 2009 4:02 PM Flag

      There is an HBO special coming out on torture.
      They are going to water board Barney to show the American public what the technique looks like.
      Just remember factual materials that you have produced won't budge the Obamunists.

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      • Coerced interrogation is wrong. It is against our laws and is against international laws.
        All this BS about buildings and lives being saved in Los Angeles because Khalid Sheik Mohammad was forced to give up information is irrelevant. What's right is right. What's wrong is wrong.
        We are a country of laws and principles. If we have to suffer the loss of lives or property to show the world what we are then that's what we will have to do.
        If I were president of the United States and my only son was being held captive I would not allow any coerced interrogation on anyone even if there was a guarantee that my son would be saved.

        I praise President Obama.

      • Don't have to read your crap. It was probably made up by a republiboob think tank. Wow, Thats an Oxymoron " republican think tank"

        Bush destroyed this country in many different ways. He is lucky he isn't sitting in jail right now!

        Worstg president EVER!

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