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  • omnixpq omnixpq Apr 24, 2009 7:33 PM Flag

    Another great day for Liberals

    Oh. to bad republiboobs, another win for democrats in New Yorks congressional contest. What probably makes it harder for you conservatives, is that the district was republican. How many losses does it take to get thru to you morons that conservative ideology is outdated. LOL at republiboobs

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    • goffnett Apr 25, 2009 10:12 AM Flag


      Like all lefties, you have to ignore the truth.
      No you don't have to read anything Omni because then you wouldn't have to acknowledge Barney's culpability in the housing debacle.
      The poster referenced a speech from the Congressional Record, on the floor of the House of Representatives...Soneone made it up??? Put your thumbs in your ears and scream la, la, la,
      It's easier for you to drink your Kool Aid and name call. Name call and never debate the facts.
      By the way that Stimulus Bill for 750 billion has now grown to 3 trillion. Ask Pelosi where that money went....Wait, she really doesn't have a clue to know about anything that is going on.

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