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  • kit_par kit_par Jun 23, 2010 7:11 AM Flag

    Expect PG to break $70 by Labor Day


    Be careful, you're becoming a kit-par and we all know what that means."

    Here is what it means slow one.

    1) He is smart enough to know when there is a housing, financial and economic issues. And is very successful. "Unlike you"

    2) He knows better than to buy at the top of market cycles. He monitors whats going on in the real world and stays on top of his game. Remember late 2007 and through 2008 assed when you insisted there was no housing, economic or financial issues..? You did not believe it until your idol (Bush) got it and he was the last in the nation to get it. Oh and isn't Vegas one of the Nations worse as far as housing declines and home owners under water..? What a fool..! "

    3) He does not whine and cry and compare himself to others and lash out at everyone and blame them for his failings because he is not a failure and little girly man. " Unlike you"

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    • 4) He has a wife and family and friends and a normal life. He does not have to rely on Swedish whores for intimacy. Thats a polite word for blow jobs Ed. "Unlike you" Your own words and claims Ed not mine. See how having a big mouth and running off at it comes back to bite you?

      5) He is smart and understands the market..! He is not stuck here day by day praying, watching hoping for that bounce back because he was so stupid to back up the truck ( Your words again Ed) at the top of the market cycle and just weeks before the market collapsed after ignoring all warning signs, articles and what was going on around him. "Unlike you"

      6) He is not a liar, fraud and phony. "Unlike you"

      7) He worked hard all his life and is a self made man. "Unlike you" Not a Daddy's boy.

      8) He is not a petty fat slob and racist and a coward who hides behind his monitor and YahooID and whines and cry's and is always negative and insulting someone to make his low self esteem better.

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