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  • snowcats41 snowcats41 Aug 5, 2010 4:40 PM Flag


    Have had pg 38 years was great stock, last 5 years DOG OF THE DOW. after all the run up on wall st, PG is still horrible. FIRE 10,000 pg employees in all areas in get rid of CEO and his band of morons,bet you PG soars. Div's great,PG company and its employees are the joke on wall st.In last 3 years all div's we get do not buy PG stock anymore, and never will.

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    • 5 years? This stock has gone nowhere in over 10 years. If you want to buy it you can buy it for the divvy but as far as expecting any price appreciation gains PG is a joke.

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      • 5 years? This stock has gone nowhere in over 10 years. If you want to buy it you can buy it for the divvy but as far as expecting any price appreciation gains PG is a joke. "

        Or even worse you could be like that idiot "Edthedikheadinbred
        and bought or let me quote "backed up the truck" at the market peak late 2007 at $75.00..! Ouuuuuuuuch that has t hurt. No wonder he is losing it, drinks to much and whines and cry's here all hours of the night and the wee hours into the mornings and attacks every one like a rabid dog. And whines about this GNVC stock all the time too! I think the fool loaded up on that and got hurt. Ouuuuuuch again!!!!


        This song is for you!

    • Wow - it will be a real loss if u don't but any more PG stock. Watch out - the bottom will drop out now!!

      Suggest u look at the data of PG performance versus the market instead of your garbage bashing of a good company.

    • Last thing I am posting as were running over to LaPaz to fish for Marlin and won't be home much before it all the time....wanna know why??? Because we CAN, that's why." Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

      Can you sat frauuuuuuuuud! Thats our Ed the Inbreddikhead!!!!!

    • "The time Yahoo displays on message boards is Eastern coast time."

      Don't bother, kit has no idea what your talking about. In his tiny little world there's only 1 time zone, and bed time is 8PM......SHARP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • "Thanks..! Sorry to disappoint you though"


      You never disappoint. That meaningless ignorant dumb rant was written by you or an 8 year old.

      Read it, it makes no sense. Kinda early for the PBR, isn't it? "

      You see Inbred you got all this going today with your response to my post that was a not even to you... My posts were not rude to the other posters and I was giving my view. But I know your reaction was partly because you knew I was right and you had no reply and you again felt inadequate...! But you with that limited mental intellect respond in kind like above instead of some intelligent rebuttal or debate...? Why because intelligent and debate are not in your are only capable of responses limited to the equivalent of children and the less educated.

    • Inbred

      Actually I know you slammed it because you did not not write it and it was pretty accurate and you are jealous because you could have never explained it and did not have a clue as to whats going on in the economy and what affects P&G. Also your vocabulary is pretty limited to the following:

      Swiss whores, LOL, liberals, marxists, lefties, Racism, plagiarism, ..... I mean you are a wiz...!

      Oh what happened with this post nut bag...couldn't sleep again, 1:33am in the morning all alone, drunk, scared, mind racing, Kit embarrassed you and made you look like the fool you are...? Talking to no one again..? Like your life is filled with no one...!

    • We're going over to the MDA Telethon tonight and won't be home much before it all the time....wanna know why??? Because I CAN, that's why. "

      Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa kind of like playing cards daily....bwaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaa and all the long tall stories you told over the years and the many many lies you got caught in....? If you do that all the time its the first time you mentioned it.... you never leave yahoo because you are a wheel chair bound cripple and troll. oh and hwrere did the we come from.. you said you were divorced and you family black balled you..? Have never once mentioned a friend or doing anything in the context with others... until you get blind sided and busted. You are to arrogant, rude, racist and an arss to have a friend. You have single handily alienated every poster here and on yahoo. Yes sir you are truly "American'' notttttttttt bwaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    • Twist lie, act like a child... I posted the link to the time zones I think even a retard like you could follow it.

      Are you going to get drunk and whine and cry tonight....?

    • Ed

      I think it made total sense. Of course it wouldn't to you because your mind thinks and has the logic and technical ability of a 4 year old hill billy. The reason you only post nonsense, fight and post like a child is because you think like one and have the mind of one. The reaon you lost so much during each down turn is because other than the fact you came into money through Dad or some other unfortunate way you don;t understand anything about the markets, economy, life or people. Just a mis fit and always will be one. But one thing I like and had figured out after reading your first post years ago and that was you are exactly what I would not want to be like. Ohhh and thanks again for the laughs and being so goofy.

    • Inbreddikhead

      Nice try fraud but my response nailed it and all you could do was what you do, lie, twist and distort... its what liars do and all they can do. But the point was well made. When its 10:33pm in Vegas its 1:33am on the east coast...and it only gets later in the night or earlier in the am depend what time you post. Every one after your time zone is later... When you post from drunkville (Vegas) every one else in the US is one hour later except maybe hawaii. Most of are tucked away sleeping except for the drunks, loners and worriers like you who have gotten them selves in a big mess....! And the most important point is that you post meaningless drivel and whine like a male cat on the fence looking for a lady..
      So you know exactly what my point was and it nailed you a hole.

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