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The Procter & Gamble Company Message Board

  • tharp98 tharp98 Nov 15, 2011 5:44 PM Flag

    stock split

    Maybe if PG has a 2 for 1 stock split the stock shares
    would be more affordable. Serious replies only. thanks

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    • tjudy: My father also worked at the KC plant and retired around 1968 I bet your dad knew my dad. IM me if you want on yahoo racer_66054

    • There is no substitute for following carefully the financial condition as well as the current business model outlook for any stock you own but it is absolutely essential if you are heavily weighted in a company. Many people have lost their hope for a comfortable future by focusing on only the past history. I have a neighbor who retired rich from Lucent who now is working full time because he lost almost everything. You can add many other stocks to the list of those that people went to sleep on, GM and AT&T being examples. PG is a good company but it doesn't have the same model today that built it as reflected in its margins. It was a company that counted on high volume quality products at prices no one could compete with. The quality is still there and so far the volumes, but the price and profit margins make it a different animal than in the past. Don't think that PG can't be vulnerable. WW

    • yep... I see a split in 2012. Maybe a 3:1 is coming.

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      • I have never understood this fascination with stock splits.

        Suppose I walked into a pizza shop and ordered a 12" pizza. The guy behind the counter asks "how would you like that cut." My answer:
        "Cut it into 8 pieces - the last guy cut it into 6 pieces and that wasn't enough for me."
        Does that make sense to you? If so, you are a strange person. If not, you should stop thinking about stock splits - they really don't matter.

      • Been through 5 splits so far. History says that earnings must double since the last split and stock price must hold above $100 per share for several months before the discussions re: split begin. We have a long way to go.

    • inasanders Dec 20, 2011 11:23 AM Flag

      It would stimulate the stock market.Plus it is a dividend stock , so excellent.

    • Bravo!! How right you are. Five years ago this board was a good place to go for quality informatiom. That's all in the past. Such a shame!

    • "This message board, more than any other, (and that's saying a lot!) is a complete waste of an investor's time. And the regular posters are responsible."

      ...and exactly what value have you provided/added?!?!...

      ...when you whine and cry like a little school girl, don't expect to be taken's no wonder PG canned your lazy butt...

    • Heck yes, I'm crabby. You would be too.

      But just because I'm crabby doesn't mean you and the other self appointed cheerleaders aren't annoying.

      This message board, more than any other, (and that's saying a lot!) is a complete waste of an investor's time. And the regular posters are responsible.

      You bash any skeptic, go on about the marvels of the Company, get all teary eyed about your first stock certificate, and spring one every time a split is suggested.

      No discussion of the culture, of exchange rate prospects, of the strategy of premium domestic margins funding global buildout. No questions, only praise.

      I know a lot of you are ex-employees because you haven't changed. I feel sorry for the ones who knew the Company back when there were some values to back up the stellar performance. But the values changed years ago. And I expect the performance to follow eventually.

      As to who's moved on, just look at who posts here continually for years on end.

      And yes, I got laid about 90 minutes ago!

    • "...spoken like someone who used to work at PG...and subsequently was told "you'd be better served to look for employment opportunities outside of PG"..."

      You know, you sound like an old crabby geezer....have you ever been laid without paying for it (which isn't all that bad)? I'm just curious.

    • My, you are such a genius. Would it be alright if I recreate my entire person in your image? So sad that I didn't meet you early enough to really achieve my potential.

      After all, it's not like there were enough smug dill-holes who base all their values on what the Company tells them already there for me deal with.

    • "Repeatedly told."

      ...that would make sense...the smart ones get it the first time; the "bottom 25%-ers" have to be repeatedly told...and it appears you haven't let go of it either...remember, as they probably told you when you left, it was better for the both of you (but I'm bettin' PG got the better end of that outcome)...

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