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  • pmcgd4 pmcgd4 Sep 10, 2012 7:43 AM Flag

    United Way

    I've been a shareholder of PG for 35 years in a self directed IRA as well as in my portfolio.
    We now buy the grandchildren a few shares yearly and feel that over the long haul it's a good buy.
    Now near retirement we appreciate the dividends.

    One question about PG - it's a known fact in Cincinnati that the employees are literally forced into giving to the United Way and I do understand the company had to be involved in community giving.
    PG is an excellent corporate citizen especially in Cincinnati. However, if an employee said to his supervisor that he chose to give directly to a charity rather than the United Way, his career would be damaged.

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    • As a 28 yr employee, I can tell you that the preasure is more subtle than it used to be. It really is dependant upon if your direct Mgr is responsible for collecting and how big his "assigned goal" is. I donated earlier in my career as a matter of habit. But once I understood who this organization supports and it's relationship to abortion, I stopped and there were never any repercussions.

    • pmcgd4 - I'd have to agree with follansdave. I haven't given to PG's UA Cincinnati since mid 1980's (my community does not benefit from UA Cincinnati). Since then, I've always chosen $0 to Cincy UA so I can give back to my own community where I determine the charitable organizations.

      I can honestly say that my choice above has never yielded any damaging effects to my career.

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    • Glad to hear you have been successful holding PG long-term.

      As a former employee, I think your belief about employees being "forced" to give to UW is about 30 years out of date. I felt pressure to give in the late 70's and early 80's but never after that.

      PG does support UW (and a select list of other charities) and generally I think that is a good thing.

      I have also been a long-time supporter of UW and can assure you that they do not want any employer to try to force contributions - encourage yes, force no.

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      • Hey Dave don't you recall that Bill Aramony guy? he was the past CEO back in the 90's who stole all the United Way money, was flying his teenage hooker from Paris back and forth to the states on the concord and all. Just another CEO who got caught stealing from a charity. The world is full of these #$%$, we call some senator and congressman. What could possibly be lower than stealing from a charity or a church? Once word of this dirtbag made the press, none of us in the plant hourly group gave them a nickel. Hope they all burn in Hell.

      • OK, I accept your explanation. Please do understand that many in other companies are told what their fair share is. My own experience is that for years we were given a pledge card and nothing was said. However, one year our General Manager was on the board of the United Way drive and we were told in that in no uncertain circumstances that his branch office with about 120 employees would have to have 100% participation. And, a one time donation of something like $10.00 would not work. He wanted a pledge from each employee.
        This was not P & B BTW, and out of fear many gave. This is no way to contribute to a charity.

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