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  • billdesouza billdesouza Sep 29, 2011 5:31 PM Flag

    Time to buy is now

    Time to buy is now and sit back and let time move forward. But for those of you that get your investiment strategy from get ricj quick schemes or get your investment strategy from online boards and spam emails, otherwise a ceratin person, needs to switch to lottery tickets, then he can campaign against the state for fraud and not fulfilling his every wish.....Poor baby did not get rich as he told everyone he would. This is why brokers are glad for self brokering came about...
    If I was the CEO or CFo or any person with ITRO, or any other small company I would just hang up on him too, It is non of his business into the company day to day operations or plans. Go to the Annual board meeting and see the forcast....even the weatherman is not right everyday.

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