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  • fedlyfedster fedlyfedster Oct 18, 2011 12:41 PM Flag

    14,000+ DUMPED

    Then a 5k buy at the ask.
    Too bad the bid price at 60 just got completely taken out and was lowered to 45.

    Look out beloooooooowwwww!!!

    Feel sorry for that sad sack who bought at 65.
    Obviously didn't do a minute of DD.

    The fraud here is clear as day.
    More fertilizer produced yet less silver reported. MUCH LESS. Where is it going?

    No wonder Whit never reports anything about collection contracts or remote production of fertilizer. Best to keep everyone in the dark. Easier to fudge the numbers that way.
    For all we know Stage 1 is working perfectly and cranking out chitloads more silver. We'll never know until the investigators crawl up his you know what.

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    • That person who bought at .65 knew more than you do.

    • Fed, how come pink sheets arn't required to conduct the same due diligence and audits as the other exchanges?

      It's because regulators acknowledge that owners of small nanocap/picocap companies have to bend the rules to get past a certain hurdle. It's the unwritten rule.

      As I stated in my last email. Fraud is when someone is EXTRACTING money from the enterprise for substantial personal gain beyond what they should earn through their just compensation for effort provided.

      Anything besides that is NOT fraud in my mind. Show me the giant house and the sports car that were bought with your alleged fraud and you have my vote.

      Otherwise, whatever is going on is 'internal restructuring' and positioning for a time when ITRO will go back on a major exchange.

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      • "Otherwise, whatever is going on is 'internal restructuring' and positioning for a time when ITRO will go back on a major exchange."

        Chri, you can not possibly be that naive!
        Do you think Bernie's ponzi scheme was intended to eventually payback his investors? Of course not. Once a crook goes down that path and tastes the money then there is no turning back. Whit isn't going to suddenly make up for the missing silver, that's just insane. He's already said in the past 2 PRs that silver will more closely track fertilizer. He said it point blank. Read between the lines...what it really says is F*** YOU SHAREHOLDERS!
        Get it yet?
        Dude, seriously, how old are you?

        John has turned into a crook. Everything he does from now on is for himself and avoiding prosecution. There's no turning back. Get a clue, my friend.

      • From what I have seen from ITRO, is positive technology to benefit environment with sound science and to benefit the long term viability of the company's goals.

        Then they have the naysayers and those upset at the Companies achievements and future goals. The one trying to falsely spew rhetoric and falsehoods to make up for personal inadequecies.