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  • unavailable444 unavailable444 Oct 21, 2011 6:38 PM Flag

    If ANYBODY ever relies on FEDDLY's math...

    ...then they're gonna be sorely mistaken.

    The Liar, Feddly, doing math: "In 2009 the avg. silver price was $14.67/oz. and he reported $686k in silver revenue. This comes out to about 46,800 oz. produced.

    Couple of questions, math whiz:
    1) What months in 2009 did Itronics sell silver?
    2) What was the price on the days in 2009 that they sold silver?
    3) HOW MUCH did they sell on each occasion in 2009?

    Thank God you don't build bridges or skyscrapers for a living , liar...they'd all fall down...LMAO.

    The Liar did the same thing when arguing about fertilizer. He used the AVERAGE TEMP in Sacramento to cover the whole state...and when you were CALLED ON IT you quickly looked up some more locations...LMAO...BUT IT DIDN'T MATTER because you can't use AVE TEMP to back up your claims of growers and farmers fertilizing their fields. LMAO again! If HALF the days are bad weather (wet, rain, late season snow even) then it doesn't matter a rat's left cheek what the AVERAGE TEMP was FOR THE MONTH...LMAO...but you still stick to your "average temp" scam.

    The Liar, Feddly: Why is it that as the price of silver goes UP, the ounces produced goes DOWN?


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    • Yep, and the Central valley farmers I know have had bad yields the last 2 and half years, the soil was to saturated. Lets see we fertilize and it runs off into the watershed, and we just wasted all that money accomplishing nothing....No one does that in farming.......

      Plus you can not base sales on need to know what day sold and how much and you cannot price fertilizer on spot silver prices, etc.....Imagine telling your accountant, hey just do my books on the averages.....they will laugh so hard....

      You sell a product for 2.00...that does not mean your earned a profit of 2.00, you have the cost of product to figure in , etc,,,,Oh wait lets average the sale vs cost price for the quarter....hahahaha.

      I am amazed he repeats it over and over, and gets no results, then gets mad at the world for no one agreeing with him....

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      • Hey Bill,

        You know why he keeps repeating it and all of us know why. He's said it himself when referring on multiple occasions to THE BIG LIE. Goebbels would be proud of him.

        He has nothing (see SEC, NV AG, NV SEC STATE, TEXAS) and so he's left with slinging mud in the form of fraud, which he says is based on HIS MATH. How about that for a "catch 22"??? LMAO for sure. Then he throws in embezzlement, misappropriation of funds, and tax evasion. Call him on it and he curls up like a slug that's been poked with your finger.

        His position is "silence = I'm right" when dealing with Itronics. "JWhitney is ducking me" he caws over and over. But there's no other crows answering, is there, fraudster?

    • Just one of a multitude of examples of Feddly Fraudster - The Liar's - math ineptitude.