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  • billdesouza billdesouza Nov 13, 2011 12:36 PM Flag

    EPA Issues in the Shareholder Letter

    As they stated in the letter, EPA's new regs and requirements have been a deterent and new requirements are hurting not just Itronics with their burdensome over reaching and moronic new requiremnts, but the whole industry.

    It is hitting many others too. EPA fees and new testing is very expensive and are just more taxation under the fee guideline set. They are also ridiculous.

    I have been dealing with the EPA and FDA all my career and it has steadily hurt american corporations large and small.

    So cut Itronics some slack, they are dealing with the issues and strive to make it all work, at least they are not giving up, and moving to Mexico.

    So to all continue to support Itronics, time is on our side and we will reap the fruits of Itronics labours....

    Ahhh a new week ahead and breaking .70 cents is coming, it is rebouding up, and back over the 1.90 RSP......

    Have a great week and as always stay positive, for negativity and negative words solve nothing but you to suffer undue stress and dispair....

    Life is good, and as another spoke....stay thirsty my friends... [:

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    • Bill, one more I mentioned here before, CPS was very interested in selling Guardian but Whit rejected them. He had his own plans. Then when his plans fell apart why didn't he go back to CPS and strike a deal? Let them finance the EPA fees and whatever else is involved. Let tham manufacture it, market, and sell it. It could have been a huge win-win for all. But stubborn arrogant King John said NO! It's his way or nothing always. No exceptions. He'd rather make 100% of ZERO than 50% of MILLIONS$$$. Helll, even if he just licensed it out for 10% royalty of sales that's still better than mothballing it and then complaining about "challenges in the financial markets" to raise funding.
      This is what I mean by he has to get his head out of his asss. He's the one inhibitting growth. He's too G.D. greedy and doesn't give a flying phuck about what's best for the shareholders. It's only what's best for John and John's inflated ego.

      Any thoughts about why he downplayed silver production in that letter?
      Think about it and everything that has transpired this year. It shouldn't be surprising to anyone.

    • Bill, firstly, time most defintely is not on our side. Whit needed to come thru on his Stage 1 promises THIS YEAR and he failed miserably once again and/or he's skimming bigtime. Now he's begging for money again and saying future growth is dependent only on obtaining financing.
      He said since 2008 that growth has been hampered by "financial challenges". That's strange because in 2010 he only blamed Mother Nature, remember? He was forcasting "strong growth" and "strong demand" until June 2010 then laid an egg and said it was because of too much rain, NOT "financial challenges".
      Same thing this past Q2. Did he blame "financial challenges" on the pathetic Q2 numbers or did he say it was due to "unseasonably cool temps"? Which is it? He can't even get his own lies straight.

      Secondly, he knew G.D. well what was involved to get EPA approval for Guardian. The fees were no big surprise. He raised the money to create the product and did a good job hyping it up for about 6 YEARS then just decided to mothball it and not notify any of us for 2 years. Sorry, but that does not fly. Why didn't he mention this "business plan adjustment" at the end of 2009? Instead he just buried it. Can't do that, my friend. That is a FAILURE TO REPORT MATERIAL INFORMATION. The charge of REPORTING FALSE AND MISLEADING INFORMATION applies to both Guardian AND Stage 1. Go back and read the press releases about them again. >>>

      The fraud is all right there.

      There is no reason whatsoever for this stock to ever break 70 cents ever again.
      As soon as charges come down it will go to ZERO.
      Don't say I didn't warn you.

      There's too much fraud here and everyone sees it.....even the stooges or else they would be supporting the bid price instead of painting the tape. Actions speak louder than words.
      Stay thirsty my friends.

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