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  • jaygee7 Mar 9, 2012 3:23 PM Flag

    The missing silver

    I found the missing silver. Would anyone like to know where?

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    • No disrespect intended either but you really are a friggin moron. When did I ever say I was a short term investor??? 10+ years in ITRO, does that sound like short term?

      First of all there was no reason to do a 1 for 1000 R/S. They should have done a 1 for 100 or 1 for 200 at most like Whit wanted to do but Genius Forkner convinced him otherwise. The ONE TIME that John ever listened to anyone's advice and it was the wrong time.
      The lawsuit with NIR all came down to CR having more power, influence, and especially MONEY to pay off whoever he had to take care of. And if you really don't think that's how the system works then you're even more clueless than I thought. ALL judges are on the take, my friend, and I don't care what anybody says. I've witnessed enough first-hand. Ever notice how rich people's kids always seem to get off if they're busted of a crime? Why do you think that is? because they can afford a good lawyer? LOL Please don't make me laugh. I could tell you stories you wouldn't believe so I won't bother. It's all about the $$$$$$$. Corey has lots and John has none. End of story. I should have been able to predict the outcome but I really thought John was going to get off and then win the counter-suit. Silly me. I forgot how the system works.
      Now you say they did a h*** of a good job and came out on the positive side? How do ya figure? They ended up having to pay everything owed to NIR. How is that coming out on the good end? Do you even know what was in dispute and the $$$ amount involved? Obviously you don't.
      The settlement says stock OR CASH. The O/S count hasn't risen enough for it to be all cash so that means there's cash being paid as well (or silver?). So Ribotsky has a minimal amount of shares and there's probably a 3 or 6 month restricted period where he can't sell. That's two reasons why no big dumps.
      I'm not short this PIG. I wish I was but I'm not. Believe whatever you want.
      I told you dozens of times now I'm here because I want justice for John which means I want to see him arrested and thrown in prison where he belongs.
      Everything I've outlined here I've reported. Unfortunately the SEC doesn't do anything quickly. Look how long it took them to investigate and convict Madoff.
      This is why I've also reported stuff to the TSX Venture Exchange about Honey Badger and Quaterra's involvement. And also a few State AGs and I'm working on some District Attorneys too now. Whatever it takes. Too much fraud has been committed here and justice WILL be served eventually. And that you can bank on.

    • jaygee7 Mar 12, 2012 12:33 PM Flag

      Than as a short term investor you really have no excuse for being in this stock, and no disrespect intended. Here are the reasons why. 1 The reverse merger, I personally felt that it was needed, but it comes with a slue of bad news, all bad for short term. 2 The lawsuit with NIR. I need not have to explain this. 3 The settlement with NIR. I personally think itro did a hell of a good job, and came out on the positive side of the settlement. It is still seen as bad news. 4 The 8 million owed to NIR, TO BE PAID WITH STOCK, because every knows they have no cash. You seem to think that there was going to be the big dump again, did not happen. This should of been enough to scare short termer's away. The biggest giveaway of them all was number 5 All four of these are exactly the news that people who short stock salivate over. I not talking about normal short selling. The kind that should be illegal. Witch makes me wonder the real reason you are still here , and no disrespect intended.

    • "can't get thru my thick head"?

      So how many innocent lives did you take in Nam?
      I'd think you'd need a pretty "thick head" to kill innocent men, women and children, no? I couldn't do it.

    • LMAO
      I'm laughin too hard to even respond.
      Btw, that shareholder was PROXY, not me you fool.
      Have fun in Vegas. I'm going to Reno soon.

    • "Well, I can tell you that Fredly is not a long term investor. He wants immediate profit. He is a type A personality, and has a little man complex. That says a lot about where he is coming from."

      Gramps you STILL want to make this personal instead of addressing the issues I've raised? You STILL want to make it all about ME and not about ITRO?
      You sure you want to keep going there?
      O.K.. Your choice.

      So how many innocent men, women and children did you murder in Vietnam? and how do you sleep at night? do their lives mean nothing to you?

      Let's re-visit those questions again, shall we?

    • jaygirl, I have been an ITRO investor for over 10 years. Do you have any idea what promises have been made in that time period and how many were true?
      Why don't you take a few minutes and READ some press releases going back several years.
      Has nothing to do with "patience"...Whitney is a compulsive liar and a sociopath and a fraudster. period.
      His press releases prove all this. <<<they're all conveniently archived for you there. Take a few minutes and READ some.

    • Jay,
      That is what he can not get through his thick head.

    • you got it right on the money Jay, time is on our side.....The short termers had no courage to wait it out, no loss unless ya sell to early right..After all it is a sound technology , and has many applications in the future, not just now.
      You are also right on the money on the security issues at the source of the waste stream... Itro has zero control on other companies employees or vendors. Not to mention the plastics issue....

    • For sure, he has zero clue to real world science or business accumen. Nothing jay has posted or others in favor of ITRO is illegal, it is in his mind only, publically traded companies do not have to post and tell their shareholders every move they make in the daily operations of their business. You are right though the epa is a regulatory quagmire to deal with, especailly with all the new regs that came out affectin ITRO and others this year. I deal with them also, and it is better to outsource all the work.Then we have All the rants of calling sec,, and anyone he can conjer up, there is zero proof he has done it and if he has, they already figured he has went off the rails....he has never once posted and answer to why he has not called major newspapers or cable news agencies with his sherlock holmes research. have not seen any proof of his filings and compalints in legal proceedings....All his rants and accusations against the agencies....have been sent to the agencies, as they are aware from what I hear. Heard he is now going to other public companies doing the same to other companies.....mania ensues. makes for good entertainment, must admit.
      i heard he was upset that no ne would listen to him at some shareholders meeting years ago, and told him to take a seat...imagine that....Oh well my comedy routine is done for the week. Time to head to the airport.....Vegas time....

    • jaygee7 Mar 11, 2012 9:36 PM Flag

      That is the problem. He bought a long term stock, and is expecting short term results.

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