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  • chrion777 chrion777 Apr 1, 2012 7:38 PM Flag

    Proxy and Fed

    was just browsing Ihub today and wanted to go back to when it all started. When did Fed take the plunge.

    Friday, March 19, 2010 6:00:56 PM
    Re: feddupwithnitwit post# 16868
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    Fed, you've a note.

    -- For those that don't know, Proxy lost TONS of money on ITRO back in the early days before the fall to .0009 and the R/S.

    So we have a person with a HUGE grudge, influencing another person with a smaller but still decently large reason to have a grudge.

    Clearly I would be upset if I bought in so early and the company got into the NIR fiasco and got diluted so much. But at that point you either write off the loss, or you buy more at .0009 and then HOLD and go do something else with your life.

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    • Nope she doesn't read the boards and she is a very quiet, and likes to keep life simple. I am the risk taker.

      I am not defending Whiteny at all, on here, just wating and staying positive, trying to make sense of the whole thing, calmly and patiently, like a completing a tough crossword

      I have not done this board stuff until this past year. I do more journal and trade papers researching, or association stuff. So when I got on the board and posted, I got upset a bit, when folks made bad language or ridiculed me, you know I am not used to that stuff, so I got offended and fought back, So understand nothing agaisnt you, just how it went about.
      So when you respond in the new leaf manner, I figured ok, now we can debate like sane and professional people. If I am wrong, i am the first to admit it, and kick my own butt for being

      Remember I am asian/hispanic/italian heritage, and a veteran,,,,, you hit my button in the days of my first getting on here. So again, just being honest to say it made me angry. But, thats past. Debate me and disagree with me all you want or agree, just do it in the new leaf way and all is cool to say what you know or feel is the issue...

      Did ya check my 5 watt light bulb idea?

    • Bill, I've been in this dog over 10 very long years. That's 10+ years of being tortured by Whit. I've learned a lot about his character and he literally makes me sick to my stomach.
      Now this victimization move to screw Ribotsky and indirectly screw his own shareholders, who he really could care less about, that's what sent me over the edge. Before all this latest crap I used to just say he was inept but now I KNOW he's a crook and it sickens me every day that he gets away with it.
      I know you guys hate me for telling it like it is but let's get real here for once. The SOB is a crook and he's only looking out for himself. Why on earth do you guys keep blindly supporting him???? You're NEVER going to make any money here. Even prox said it, Whit's in this mess too deep. He's not going to all of a sudden start reporting good numbers and rewarding his shareholders. It's just not going to happen, ever. He's in his many more years do ya think he's going to keep working? Do you see him making any long term moves to keep the company going? It's all about John. That's what everybody says about him. He's arrogant and greedy. And he's already set the stage for more weather excuses this year and no Stage 1 benefit. Read his forcasts and listen to those clips again. It's plain as day. He's giving us all the middle finger but you guys want to keep cheering him on. I don't get that. I want his lying *** in a state pen for 10+ yrs.. See where I'M comin' from yet?
      Btw, Bill does your wife read these boards? Holy cow, then she'd really flip out on you! lol

    • Ok Got ya now, Yeah much easier to follow it now. Thnaks for the update and history. Yes, and deep pockets has is way of privledges, but eventually kharma happens. I bet those old pensioners who turned their ira's over to CR are glad to hear it.

      Do not get me wrong, I am not happy that the current value of my shares is down with the company. I hear it from the wife when ever she asks, But at the same time if I was to get all upset and angry it would accomplish little on here. I know the risks on these companies, but still I do not like to lose a penny if I do not have too.

      I understand the anger you have, but the new leaf you have turned will be better seen by all, and you can still do your thing on the down low to get your resolution.

    • Btw, CR is not out of the woods yet. The guys on the NIR IHUB board are follwing this chit closely. Check out that board. I still think he's facing prison's just that our system moves at a snail's pace. Dworkin testified against his former buddy for a lighter sentence but CR is still lookin at prison time. I'd like to see CR and JW in the same cell together. How funny would that be?

    • Bill, I decided to turn over a new leaf. Glad you noticed. lol
      I've read everything about NIR vs. Itronics a long time ago including depositions and everything. I really thought Whit had the case won and would win the counter-suit but that's before I realized how our wonderful judicial system works. It's all about the $$$$$$$. Ribotsky has it and Whit don't. That means Ribotsky wins. Has nothing to do with the merits of the case or anything. It all comes down to $$$$$. Am I saying Judge Ramos was paid off? You draw your own conclusions. Like I said before I can't blame Whit for sticking it to Ribotsky now but it screws all of us. I predicted this would happen last January after he lost those 2 judgements in December. That was really the end. The day he lost those judgements it was over. From January to April it was about working out a settlement plan because there was no longer any chance at taking it to trial and winning. And of course Whit got shafted on the settlement too. Some here say no but I don't see how ya can say that since he has to pay every dime back with interest. That's why he said screw it. Why post good numbers for Ribotsky and allow him to profit on his settlement shares and just drive the pps back down when he dumps. The motive is crystal clear. It's just illegal as hell to do what he's doing. Am I making an sense now that I'm not cursing?? What are you girls, oops, I mean guys, still not understanding? Your man Whit has turned into a crook....but he justifies his actions because he was the victim. Unlike Ribotsky, I don't think criminal activity is in his DNA. Know what I mean?

    • Hey Chiron, I spoke to a confidante, she took a look at the Settlement. It is pretty straight forward. NIR is the one who was defrauding their investors promsing quick gains and liquidations if they needed it to be, and those they gave venture capital money too...the payout is set, and no matter if and when the shares increase and profits ITRO makes, they payout will be the same. It also does not allow NIR to do harm and try to break the company.

      It is a sttled case, precedent is done. NIR is the one who has to worry, they are lucky they did not get jail time.

      ITRO is free to grow and it will, Science and expertise is on the company side.

      Positive for sure. Hear some announcements are forth coming, (:

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      • Agreed, this is why I don't buy Feds story about how he can't report good news.

        If he reports good news, NIR can only sell a certain lot at a time. Say the PPS does tank for a while.. NIR still loses most, and we can begin accumulating more. Volume would increase.

        Eventually NIR will be out of shares and ITRO share value will skyrocket. It may take a while but it has to unwind at some point.

      • billdegenius, the settlement terms were never made public. Why do you lie so much? Do you have JWS (John Whitney Syndrome)?

        And if you've been following the NIR story you would know that Ribotsky has already been charged with criminal misconduct. That is why PwC was brought in to liquidate assets. All of his fund holders are getting shafted because all the companies that NIR gave money to aren't worth chit, and yes, that's including ITRO. Enormous potential but run right into the ground by a greedy, arrogant, clueless, compulsive lying sociopath aka Dr. John Whitney. The ship is sinking yet he's sailing off into the sunset on the only life raft...with everyone's money.

      • amber_lutz Apr 3, 2012 8:33 PM Flag

        Hey Bill! Your thoughts on why the settlement pay out is not being paid out right now. What do you think the reason for that is. It is obvious when you look at the o.s. 4.2 mil shares, and there been no dumping sense the settlement that shares are not being paid. They have no cash, so thats not happening either. What are your thoughts.

    • Re: Exposingfeddupski redux redux
      Let me tell you about Feddlie.
      Besides living in his grandparents basement with one cat and a sock puppet he still has all of his "way too many shares".
      He knows that no matter what he says on this message board he cannot affect the share price or Itro's plans.
      Jfeduppski loves playing the bad boy and craves the attention.
      End of story.
      Go ahead and prove me wrong Mr. Exposingwhatever

    • Hey do you guys remember a guy named redmental from RB? Metal and I used to crack sister jokes on him all the time. Yeah, I know it was childish and stupid but at the time it was funny...until he snapped and told us his sister died in a car accident. Ooops.
      Let that be a lesson to all you wisecrackers out there. Ya never know. lol

      Poem, chri. Today?
      We want a Johnnie's Goin' to da Big House poem. Please?

    • If anyone , he should be upset with proxy and going after him for the reason he lost money. Not the company. I guess he did not seek wise counsel. Didn't he say a year ago he got his family and friends all to follow him in the investment scheme, and now they are ticked off at him?

      That is why you should never involve family and friends in one's investing, they will always blame you if the tip goes south, and forget all the one's that went north at made them money...

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      • well not exactly. Fed didn't know Proxy in the beginning. Fed used to not be on the dark side but Proxy convinced him with his story.

        The whole thing sucks really. I can in a way relate to that story of watching an investor write large checks and have the operating owner not understand the significance of the checks being written. Didn't happen to me, obviously but someone I know well.

        Sucks all around. Hopefully Whit turns this baby around with some good news and $$.

        I agree this is definitely a wait and see.
        and ya, my chart reading on ITRO is probably a little wonky cause of the low volume.

        I'm planning on holding ITRO stock for the long term, +5 years. but there is one stock I'm watching on a complete run right now so its tempting to move the money over there for a while. So far I made 16x on it. From .01 to over .16, high of .24 actually. Still holding. CBIS; This one has tons of volume and a nice trend channel.


    • So basically, this proxy person, and fedly are buds, he had proxy speak for him at that sharholders meeting of old? As spoke of a month or so agon in one of his postings. Fed is in bed with Proxy and he is mad at Whitney?

      So when fed says proxy spoke at the old shareholders meeting, it was a person he trusted to speak for him and give him investment advice?

      So I get it now, had to have another speak at a meeting for himself and representing his views, and he is mad now because he is down?

      So when he says he is upset at whit, it is becasue he is just a small time investor on the coat strings of proxy. He thinks 40k is alot of money I see, hah funny.

      I guess investing in high risk micro companies was not taught in investing 101...After all that is why they are high risk, you win some and you lose some..Comes with the territory.

      I just write of the loses on my taxes and move forward, learn or burn.
      No wonder why no one takes his calls, he is sure proving his value, it all fits the puzzle comes to completion

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