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  • billdesouza billdesouza Sep 19, 2012 4:18 PM Flag

    Bored so I thought hey let me check.....

    Been not waching my investments for a good while, got also to tired to deal with all the drama. Thought boy I haven't done any investing for a while, been way to busy with life and work. Seems to be more companies are outsourcing work to contract only R&D.
    Well see a slow down in drama, New web site for itro, looks alot better. I as just in Vegas for some trade show and forgot to look in on itro.
    Well looks like a few small sell and buy types have been making a dime or two every few days for coffee money.
    Well maybe bigger fish at the end of the month. Did hear some freedom to start mining more rare earths in Nevada, with China keeping their rare earths under wraps the USA is finally letting loose on our miers to get us moving. The recycling industry is really heating up here at home, recycled rare earth from waste streams are getting less and less material to recycle from various liquid and hard material streams.
    So let us see what itro does over the next few months, Gaas waste streams sure could use more of itronics services with the new California Enviromental Regs going into effect in the fiscal end of the year coming up. Then the end of eastmen kodak service group in their reclamation service. Two of my pals had to take early pension due to the bankruptcy, they worked in the recycle services at EK for 17 years until last month.

    So let us see what is next for itro, I bet ya good things come to those with patience, and waitng to dust off the shelf shares. I know I am crazy and a comedian, but I may be forgetfull in what I have for shares and where, but every now and then I say oh yeah....there it is.

    Plus we got the Fed depleting the dollars value withthe latest and greatest financial insanity, We will see precious metals, rare earths and commodites all go up 20 fold by the end of this year and into next. Just hope China doesnt want to ge the interest payment back in Gold, Silver and Paladium, Watch Russia, China and a few other countries buying up metals in huge amounts..

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    • Bill, welcome back.
      What do ya think about Johnnie's Q2 lies...I mean, numbers?

      The one number that stands out like a sore thumb is the $66,977 he's showing for silver sales.
      The avg. price of silver for Q2 was $29.42/oz. which means he's showing he only sold about 2.28k ounces. Do you realize how grossly under-reported that is?

      Just to put it into context, here's the Q2 ounces sold for the past six years.
      Btw, I'm using the avg. calculated from kitco's historical data.

      Silver Ounces Sold for Q2 (approx.)
      2012..........2.28k oz.
      2011..........6.79k oz.
      2010.........10.54k oz.
      2009.........11.30k oz.
      2008..........4.71k oz.
      2007..........3.90k oz.
      2006..........7.19k oz.

      By my estimation, he's reporting less than 1/3 of what the actual amount produced should be when comparing it to fertilizer produced.
      Proxy says it's closer to 1/6th. I'm trying to give John the benefit of the doubt. I'm not even taking into account whatever extra is being produced with Stage 1. Proxy's estimate is probably closer to reality. Hey, if you're gonna fudge the numbers ya might as well fudge em really, really bad, right?
      Kinda like lying...if you're gonna lie then might as well tell a silver production will double as soon as Stage 1 is running. Wasn't it Joseph Goebbels that said "the bigger the lie, the more it will be believed"? There ya go.
      There is absolutely no way he only produced 2.28k oz. of silver last Q. He's a lying POS and he knows the SEC won't bother with him because his market cap is pathetically low...under $1M.
      He's been robbing his shareholders blind and committing so much fraud it's not even comical any used to be comical but now it's beyond that.
      Btw, PwC has been tipped off about his game playing with the numbers. Ribotsky knows about it and I'm sure plenty of the NIR investors know about it as well. I've been in touch with a few from the NIR board on IHUB. Speaking of IHUB, whatever happened to $oldier and twilko? Looks like they got the flock out of Dodge. Even they can't defend Johnnie's lies anymore. It's even too blatant for them to put a spin on it so they split. And now you're the one preaching "patience"? Are ya kidding me, my man? LMAO!

      Those predictions for Au, Ag, and Cu...was that by the end of November THIS YEAR?
      Please give me some of what you're smokin'. lol
      I would love to agree with those lofty numbers but you're forgetting one little thing...the Fed will do everything in their power to keep Au and Ag suppressed as long as possible. Also, JPM owns the CME Group. Remember what happened in the spring of 2011 when silver was running up towards $50/oz.? CME hiked the margin rates 5 times in 2 weeks. They were willing to do whatever it took to knock silver down and save JPM from getting screwed on their big short position. The options players were all ready to request delivery and sink JPM. Instead they all got screwed. Remember?
      Don't bet too heavy against these MFers.

    • Oh almost forgot....Gold will be 2100.00, silver 80.00. copper 12.00. all by the end of actual product, not paper.......You can thank me later

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