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  • anderbest18 anderbest18 Aug 24, 2011 2:10 PM Flag

    is Alpha long???? LMAO!!

    suddenly they publish an article prmw's selling is seriously overdone, after the aanouncement of a fraud investigation! wtf! maybe they will investigate personal holdings of alpha employees too...

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    • Seeking Alpha publishes articles all the time, both long and short stories. Anyone can read the articles and make their own conclusions. I personally agree with this article - it all checks out with what the company has already told the world but few have been paying attention because of the silliness around the "miss".

      As to "fraud" - that's quite a stretch. The missed numbers were due to circumstances beyond the company's immediate control and were pretty minimal to begin with. The fact the market chooses to go insane and dump the stock 80% is certainly not the company's fault. They point out very clearly overall things are on track - just as this article is pointing out. Nobody was forced into selling the stock because of a pretty minor earnings "miss" - they chose to sell. You can't sue a company because the stock market is crazy and stupid. They begin every single communication with the Safe Harbor language and ANYONE buying the stock has to be aware that things might not work out exactly according to plan. That's even more true for a small company in the early stages of growth. This lawsuit will go nowhere just as most never do. It's a nuisance thing and possibly the bloodsucker attorneys get a small settlement just to make them go away - but probably not even that.

      Short term who cares - long term this is a pretty clear winner and I am happy to hold it.

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