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  • mybadge1973 mybadge1973 Sep 9, 2004 3:39 PM Flag

    _JOKE______ __OF_THE______ ___DAY

    ENDS DO JUSTIFY THE MEANS.....'60 Minutes' Documents on Bush Might Be Fake /// 32-year-old documents produced Wednesday by CBSNEWS 60 MINS on Bush's guard service may have been forged using a current word processing program // typed using a proportional font, not common at that time, and they used a superscript font feature found in today's Microsoft Word program, Internet reports claim... Developing...LIE EARLY, LIE OFTEN

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    • Boohoo. Can't handle the truth.

    • Here is another little curiosity,
      The address on the letter is 5000 Longmont, Houston Texas 77027.
      However a look at the confirmed addresses of Bush during his military service has him moving out of that complex by 1970. Why would the military send the letter to an address Bush was no longer residing at?

      Military Background
      Documented Residences
      Dec 1953 -Begin Midland TX 79701 *Military
      Jun 1959 -End Midland TX 79701 *Military
      Jun 1959 -Begin Houston TX 77027 [5525 Briar Dr] *Military
      1965 -Houston TX 77027 [5525 Briar Dr] Studt *Polk
      1966 -Houston TX 77027 [5525 Briar Dr] Studt *Polk
      Jan 1967 -End Houston TX 77027 [5525 Briar Dr] *Military
      1967 -Houston TX 77027 [5525 Briar Dr] Studt *Polk
      1968 -Houston TX 77027 [5000 Longmont Apt 8] *Military
      1970 -Houston TX [5320 Beverly Hill St Apt 29A ] *Polk
      1971 -Houston TX [5320 Beverly Hill St Apt 29A] *Polk
      1972 -Houston TX [2910 Westheimer Rd Apt 4] *Polk
      1972 -Houston TX [2910 Westheimer Rd Apt 4] *Payroll
      1973 -Houston TX [2910 Westheimer Rd Apt 4] *Payroll
      1973 -
      1974 -
      1975 -
      1976 -Midland TX [2006 A Harvard] *Polk
      1977 -Midland TX [2006 A Harvard] *Polk
      1978 -Midland TX [1405 W Golf Course Rd] *Polk

    • Yea you hope. IF not Bush Landslide and big gains in the house and senate. Maybe John
      Ashcroft on the supreme court. HAHAHAHAHAHAH

    • The bullshit bozo bin for you too. Loser

    • AHAHAHAHAHAhahahhahahahahaaaaa..

      Dont think so asswipe.Your boy is toast.
      FOUR MORE YEARS......

    • Republican spin machine working 24/7 to cover up all the lies.

    • Thank you. I just looked at it and if it is authentic the Dems have a problem with credibility from here on as does 60 minutes. Though 60 minutes claims to have consulted a handwriting expert.
      By the way the blacked out portion of the document is "5000 Longmont #8" You can see it if you right click and hit select all. Apparently the black out was done by computer after scanning not by magic marker prior to being scanned.

    • I'll post the blog...


    • UPDATE 3: We have received so much information from readers that it's hard to keep up. Reader Fred Godel points us to Kevin Drum's Washington Monthly "Smoking gun update" stating that the White House has released copies of two of the memos and left their authenticity undisputed. Reader John Burgess adds:
      I'm afraid the Post 47 at Free Republic is not compelling. By 1969, I was using an IBM Selectric typewriter, with proportional type balls. They were widely available in the public sector-and thus readily available to the military. I do not recall having used a Palatine typeface, but Times Roman was certainly common. While I do think the entire argument about "Bush/AWOL" is bull, the raising of type faces is not useful. In fact, it's counterproductive because it's demonstrably false.
      Reader Chris Rohlfs points to another "document in Bush's record ( which, if real (I got that link from here) appears to have some typing from the same typewriter. Look at the word 'Recommend.'" Reader Larry Nichols adds:
      What a freakin' joke! I served in the Air Force for 21 years -- 1968 to 1989 -- the first 7 as a Personnel Specialist and the remainder as a PSM (Personnel Systems Manager). I also spent 2 years as an inspector at Hq SAC, Offutt AFB, NE in Omaha, inspecting Personnel Offices at all 26 SAC bases. As a PSM I had to know every job in Personnel, including the proper filing of documents in individual military records. Memos were NOT used for orders, as the one ordering 1LT Bush to take a physical. This would have done as a letter, of which a copy should have been sent to the CBPO (Consolidated Base Personnel Office) to be filed in 1LT Bush's military record. Memos DID NOT get filed in personnel records.

      I first used a computer in the Air Force in 1971 while stationed at Albrook AFB, Canal Zone. The computers were used only for updating records data. The Air Force was the first branch of the military to use a mainframe (Burroughs B-3500) computer for updating military records. Punch cards were used up until then. There were no Word Processors used until the late 1970's or early 1980's. Typewriters were still used extensively until the mid-1980s. These memos appear to be bogus.

      As far as an Officer Effectiveness Report (OER) on Bush, unless he was under a supervisor for X number of days during a reporting period, no report could be written. Under special circumstances, a report could be written with only 60 days of supervision. The period may cover an extended period. Example: FROM 1 JUN 1970 THRU 15 DEC 1971 (more than 1 year) DAYS SUPERVISED: 60. The "vanilla civilian" Liberals and Journalists should quit trying to talk and write about things they know nothing about. In Sen. Kerry's case, that includes almost everything!

      Finally -- finally for the moment -- reader Joshua Persons writes:
      I've written a post regarding the forgery post on my weblog (click here). Mostly a rehash, but I googled and found a comparable, unrelated government memo from 1972 for visual comparison. Check it out at .
      UPDATE 4: Charles Johnson has written to let us know that he has resolved the issue: "Bush Guard documents: Forged."

      UPDATE 5: Reader Timothy Sampson writes:

      There is no confirmation of authenticity by the White House. See Kevin Drum's update:
      I now have copies of the memos the White House released, and they are just versions that CBS faxed to the White House the day before the 60 Minutes segment aired. There's no indication that the White House had its own copies of these memos and had been sitting on them. Apologies.
      UPDATE 6: Reader Elbow Elbow provides this "link to the PDFs of the memos the White House released."

    • I hope this is true. If it is its over for 60 min. Its been over for Kerry.

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      • thING that screwed the liberals...

        But the use of the superscript "th" in one document - "111th F.I.S" - gave each expert pause. They said that is an automatic feature found in current versions of Microsoft Word, and it's not something that was even possible more than 30 years ago.

        "That would not be possible on a typewriter or even a word processor at that time," said John Collins, vice president and chief technology officer at Bitstream Inc., the parent of

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