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  • pigpurple pigpurple Oct 26, 2004 11:20 AM Flag

    Desperate Lies

    The flopper flopped all over himself when he read the front page of the NY Times. The times said that we had lost a zillion tons of high explovies (sp). Kerry sprang into action and told everyone at his stump speeches and reporters that it was the presidents fault ect ect ect. Later we find out thru NBC (yes I said NBC) that the stuff was already gone when we arrived. OF kerry did not find that out till later so he had not lied yet. TODAY however he repeats the same story ignoring the facts. Now he is lying. I thought Desperate lies was the name of a movie but it seems to be the Senators theme.
    Da Pig

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    • You're the desparate liar, Bush-Licker.

      The Iraqi government reported that the plastic explosives were looted after September 2003. Pentagon officials and the White House spokesman both confirmed that U.S. troops had confirmed the location of the plastics after the invasion. Now the NBC story has been throroughly debunked.

      All you COWARDS can do is spin.

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      • As little tony goes apoplectic.....



        News of missing explosives in Iraq -- first reported in April 2003 -- was being resurrected for a 60 MINUTES election eve broadcast designed to knock the Bush administration into a crises mode.

        Jeff Fager, executive producer of the Sunday edition of 60 MINUTES, said in a statement that "our plan was to run the story on October 31, but it became clear that it wouldn't hold..."

        Elizabeth Jensen at the LOS ANGELES TIMES details on Tuesday how CBS NEWS and 60 MINUTES lost the story [which repackaged previously reported information on a large cache of explosives missing in Iraq, first published and broadcast in 2003].

        The story instead debuted in the NYT. The paper slugged the story about missing explosives from April 2003 as "exclusive."

        An NBCNEWS crew embedded with troops moved in to secure the Al-Qaqaa weapons facility on April 10, 2003, one day after the liberation of Iraq.

        According to NBCNEWS, the explosives were already missing when the American troops arrived.

        It is not clear who exactly shopped an election eve repackaging of the missing explosives story.

        The LA TIMES claims: The source on the story first went to 60 MINUTES but also expressed interest in working with the NY TIMES... "The tip was received last Wednesday."

        CBSNEWS' plan to unleash the story just 24 hours before election day had one senior Bush official outraged.

        "Darn, I wanted to see the forged documents to show how this was somehow covered up," the Bush source, who asked not to be named, mocked, recalling last months CBS airing of fraudulent Bush national guard letters.



      • Tony, ole pal. I am suprised at the venom in your post. Why the name calling? I don't think I ever called you names. Coward? I don't think anybody ever called me that. I would love to give you a chance to look me in the eye a do that. Have a great day.
        Da Pig

      • is it not amazing that all the demo's can do is misconstrue the truth. i guess to them the lies become the truth.
        everything i hear out of their mouth's are lies.
        from ted kennedy's killing to kerry's lies about the soldiers. from meeting with the security council, which never happened.
        habitual liars. all of them.

      • "The Iraqi government reported that the plastic explosives were looted after September 2003"

        no they reported they didnt know what happened to the explosives, just that they were gone and didnt know when they went missing.

        The looting going on has to do with building materials and items of that sort

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