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  • pigpurple pigpurple Nov 2, 2004 11:44 AM Flag

    OK NO BS Who Will Win NO SPIN

    Who will win
    what percentage
    What are the upset states?
    I say Bush 50 to 49% with him winning New Mexico, Wisconsin and Hi.
    Da Pig
    Come on folkes weigh in!

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    • it's really not 4 more years, it probably is the start of the decline of democracy as we knew it...corporations fund the republican party (and the demos too) and until that is rectified, expect more export of jobs, a lower standard of living...even the wealthy are shopping at the thrift stores, those jags in the parking lot aren't bringing donations...they are buying them...where's the trickle down economics

    • Or can we afford 4 more years of the Haliburton cloneman?

    • Could they do any worse then W and his crew? How many allies do we have left? It is pretty bad when our own neighbors Mexico & Canada don't support us. Geez why are all these countries so confused, maybe after we attack Iran & Syria they will understand? Can we afford four more years of Bush?

    • The only reason that the cheese squeezing surrender monkeys (aka The French) didn�t want us to go into Iraq was because it would end their oil for food corruption game. They knew that they would be exposed for stealing billions of dollars that was supposed to go the Iraqi people.

    • I agree. This talk of "Old Europe" is so stupid you wonder what room temperature IQ
      person thought that one up! I mean give me a break this is the part of the world where most of the people in the US came from.

    • My uncle fought the Germans in France to liberate the French from the invader Hitler. I am proud of him today as much as ever and still regard the French as America's friends. It has taken Bush less than 4 years to turn us away from our long term allies for his own agenda. The French, tried as a friend should, to reason with boy Bush based on their own experience in the middle east with that society but Bush does not listen to openions that are not his own. He Invaded Iraq anyway and decided to "go it alone".
      Now boy Bush needs to go home-whereever that is-not Texas- and "leave US alone".

    • I sure hope not! No, I love this republic (notice I did not use the word democracy, like everyone in Washington does) and think we should be self determinate. Just as other
      countries have the same right.

    • Is John Kerry going to let the Chinese Communists and the French dictate our foreign policy?

    • Why does a person have to leave the country because they don't agree with you? Does France have more freedom of speach?

    • In 1939 Hitler's SS rounded up some guys that were in a concentration camp. The SS dressed them in Polish uniforms and made them run toward a German Radio station on the border of Germany and Poland. Then the SS started
      broadcasting in Polish that they had taken the
      station ect...... of course the SS shot concentration camp guys in the Polish uniforms and liberated the radio station. This was the provacation for the invasion of Poland by Germany. As it says in the Bible "there is nothing new done under the sun that has not already been done".

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