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  • sunfundasst sunfundasst May 24, 2000 4:19 PM Flag


    Many utilities are able to adjust prices to cover
    the cost of fuel.

    What are the terms of long
    fixed contracts with customers concerning the cost of

    The pure merchant contracts of sale or purchase on
    need should be O.K.

    The geothermal contracts
    should be fine.

    If prices of electricity in
    fixed or long term are without fuel adjustment
    provisions. The situation is bleak.

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    • I used to live at 216 Depot Rd. Your name is not
      Gene is it? In the NY wholesale market merchant plants
      bid their price every day. If gas prices are soaring
      so will those bid prices (bids are done based on
      heatrate and fuel costs)so yes in effect the higher gas
      prices may be passed along. In the case of Calpine (I
      don't work for them but own stock) much will depend on
      contract structure. I have to believe that any long term
      contracts Calpine has to sell power must have contingencies
      for fuel costs. Therefore, except in areas of the
      country where coal fired plants are competing with
      Calpine they should be OK. All of coourse in my humble

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      • Thanks for reply.

        I am old man. I visited
        CA on my way to New Guinea. Took a few vacations
        there with wife and kids. The last one was to see the
        giant trees in the North. Sort of a liberal tree

        I currently manage investments in alternative
        energy. The relatively clean aspect of combined cycle
        turbines and geothermal sources of energy attracted me to

      • You are pretty much right on with gas costs. Most
        of their plants are in areas where natural gas is on
        the margin, so a rise in gas costs results in a rise
        in electricity costs. In the contracts, often
        electricity prices are based on some sort of spot gas price.
        For geothermal it is a boon, and they also own gas in
        CA and TX, with more on the way.

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