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  • foresee_3000 foresee_3000 Nov 8, 2001 6:17 PM Flag

    Can big boys speak out?

    I am a new entry o this stock at 38 during the downfall. The down fall looked overdone that time. But the continuation looks mystery. Is there something the normal investor like me doesn't know of? Before Sec can catch you, can
    some big boys speak up?


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    • You were GREEDY! You tried to time catching the knife!
      If you had looked at the posts on this board the day after you MIGHT not have got burned.
      Then again, hind site is,well,you know.LOL
      Hey, just pick out the posts of Dowjobber/Q_T
      and you'll see what I mean.LOL

      • 1 Reply to rgb110
      • yea, but you guys are assholes and short this stock, so why would anyone want to listen to your posts? i mean, if you were realy constructive with your information you post to try and help investors, then maybe some people would listen to you, but you guys just bash this stock and say how bad it is......well thats one reason why no one listens to you.
        I hope CIMA continues to go down is starting to get really fun watching hard earned money get obliterated.....i should taken it and wiped my ass with it, woulda saved money on toilet paper....or better yet, just burn my money, cut down on my oil bill.