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  • kis309 kis309 Feb 20, 2002 12:22 PM Flag

    Tyronne...I think I have a right to be

    pessimistic about CIMA at this point, I mean, seriously, why not be? If CIMA has dropped from 38 to 21 on no news at all, then what happens when guidance is reduced or guidance isn't spectactular? CIMA drops some more, into the teens. I think you are being too optimistic, you have done nothing but cheerlead this stock on the entire drop and I still do not see how you can be so optimistic about CIMA even at this point. We have seen no sign of a bottom, we know we have super strong resistance at $25 now. I may be a little bit too negative, but you and I equal each other out as you are my complete opposite to this point. I'm too negative and your too positive.

    CIMA is a great company, but a shitty stock. CIMA may have some of the best fundamentals in the entire sector, but until the market recognizes that, it doesn't mean shit. We will find out shortly if we are oversold on overdone worries that don't exist of if the drop was calculated because someone knew something in advance, in which case I will be the first one to file a lawsuit against the company for not disclosing in January that future guidance would not be coming in as expected. always god luck to you, do not take my comments to you as negative, I respect you as a trader, but I do think that at this point, I have a right to be negative on the way CIMA has acted.

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    • Kis, I agree that you have every right to be
      pessimistic about CIMA. However I am willing
      to bet the farm, that the drop from 35 to 21
      was due to pure hardcore manipulation. It is
      the same manipulation that is preventing us
      from rising too.

      You just take a look at the trades flying and
      you will see a bunch of 100 share trades
      always trading at the bid. Who the hell is
      selling so many 100 shares. At least if I
      saw some big trades, I would be scared.
      However all I see is someone selling at the bid
      to make sure the price stays low.

      Whoever is doing this is going to pay dearly.
      One can never win in the long run by cheating
      people out of their money. If everyone was
      playing fair, we would still be in the 30's.

      Personally I would not be surprised if guidance
      was slightly reduced. However even the worst
      guidance *should* be priced in. However even
      if this happens, the assholes manipulating
      this stock will use it as a perfect excuse
      to drive it down further.

      I have been in on CIMA from roughly 37 all
      the way to 21 (lost 16 dollars a share). Thus
      I could not care less about a drop to the

      I would rather take the risk of losing a few
      more bucks a share, rather than selling now
      and risking a move to the 30's and making
      my -16dollar/share loss permanent (as opposed
      to paper losses).

      Long term, this company will do very well.
      The bastards who manipulated this will also
      pay very dearly, not by me, but by a higher

      Good luck to you my friend. Hang in there.

    • kis: You have to take into account the sell off on the index. You would have my support if CIMA
      and the indices were in opposite directions.

      It so happens that small stocks move up and down much faster than the indices. Check out MLNM and CORR for comparison. Also check the inex and CIMA in Dec.

      We are now on the last leg of the fall in the Bio-Techs. As long as CIMA meets or exceeds earnings and has a +ve forecast, it will see better days as the index moves up.

      The MM's have been responsible for increasing the downside especially when there have been few buyers.

      Good luck.!