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  • after8before12 after8before12 Aug 17, 2011 11:36 PM Flag

    I rolled the dice . . .

    i should do that too.

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    • Buying :
      Not yet in my opinion, you may see it touch the $59. or a little lower mark if the news media and talking heads continue to scare the country till the 2012 / 2013 election conclusion - The Dems are grabbing at straws and the Rep are holding things back so neither can claim progress so they can get each other out of there.

      In reality politically speaking - both parties need thrown out for all the subs, foreign give aways, unbalanced trade, locking up 1.4$T in profits overseas that can't come home unless they are taxed @35% instead of taking care of our own; by allowing for companies to bring those profits home geared to job growth investment (only) within the continental USA, cut subs for ethanol - corn growers,farmers for not growing food (Bachmann's Farms)$subs to big business oil / gas, then
      cut the red tape for EPA, etc. and fairly distribute the uneven tax code favoring the giant corp / individuals.
      Even W.Buffet says that... So till the bums get out and 1 party controls you'll see major problems and downward trends IMHO. for what ever that is worth.

      Buying @ $59.99 or less.Just Guessing as Always.

101.54+1.01(+1.00%)2:27 PMEDT