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  • oob36 oob36 Aug 11, 1998 5:39 PM Flag


    My brother also works for ph. They had mandatory
    overtime, etc. etc. So I know they have pushing the work
    out (MN).

    The only plausible conclusion is
    that maybe Asia is hurting us more than we all want to
    believe. Could it be that the manufacturing sector is the
    bellweather of this and not the technology sector? If so, the
    rest of the market is sure to follow. Hope not, but
    then again, it'd be nice to buy low and ride up the
    next bull market. The older babyboomers who have
    cashed in on this cow and have seen their mutal funds
    and 401ks rise exponentially must be shaking in their

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    • for your information on Oct. 19, 1987 when the stock market crashed, parker stock fell from 48 to a low of 18 3/4 have a nice day longstocker. uncle jp

    • Hmmm. Close of 29.25 makes 29 the bottom, eh? I think you might be surprised just how low this stock can go. Hang on to your $$$ - better buying opportunities are still ahead...

    • don't know about the buy back but with PH up a quarter today the bottom has been reached in view of the bath taken in the market

      on message 140 Aug 11, you said parker has bough
      back shares since they announced buy back, and is
      being carried as a loss. where do you find information
      or evidence showing parker has been buying back.
      their shares outstanding has been 110,578,000 for a
      very very long time. feed back much appreciated. uncle

    • Hi Everyone. I am new to PH chat board. Does
      anyone know how to
      find Parkers Insider Trading. I
      want to know when the CEO's buy
      and sell PH stock
      Thank You.
      Uncle JP

    • Board_Spammers_are_Scumbags Board_Spammers_are_Scumbags Aug 24, 1998 9:54 PM Flag

      Nice one fred, you almost appear to know what you
      are talking about until one realizes you're just a
      paid, board spamming idiot, selling the Blockhead
      charts. If it was really true that the Blockhead traders
      have an effect or actually knew what end was up in
      this market, you would not have to sell your sight and
      charts on these threads.

      Just remember, the
      "BETA" test in your financial endeavor, will be in the
      correlation between the efficacy of your charts and the
      willingness of someone to pay for such.

      Nice try Ol
      Fred, good luck with your dayjob.

    • I worked for a parker location and was very
      disappointed in the management mentality. Our facility was
      relocated due to consistently being in the red. However the
      people with all of the product knowledge were not
      relocated with the product. The closing of the one facility
      will be complete in a couple of weeks and I do not
      believe that any product has yet been manufactured at the
      new facility. I would not want to be a customer at
      this time. To the best of my knowledge no data mapping
      has occurred. I think that they are going to fill a
      truck with inventory and send it on it's

      The BUM was too new to hand off a business unit to.
      Rather than put him in a position to gain more
      experience he has been promoted. Go figure, there is a
      loyalty issue within Parker. As long as you are loyal to
      the company and willing to relocate they will take
      care of you. This will catch up to them soon, the
      stock prices indicate to me that it already has started
      to catch up with them.

    • Purchasing stocks requires differentiation
      between two major risk factors: Market risk, ie.
      performance of the market as a whole up or down; and Specific
      risk, ie. what your selected stock does, up or down.
      The two are only partially linked, beta really
      doesn't tell you very much, especially about buy/sell
      points. It may seem basic but purchasing stocks with
      limited downside is the best way to save yourself the
      angst of specific risk worries. The notion that a stock
      can only go to Zero frankly, begs the question of
      what the downside risk really is.
      reports upside and downside risk daily, in meaningful
      terms, based on an analysis of what major investors see
      as reasonable price points. And since volume
      (liquidity) comes from the big boys, you ought to take their
      thinking into account.

    • having worked at two ph locations, I can tell you why the company stock is falling, Word is out how poorly managed Ph is.Several divisions are losing money due to lack of manegment.

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