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  • funandprofit funandprofit May 13, 2009 11:28 AM Flag

    Does Sheldon really

    expect there to be more interest in this company? All it needs is new owners, new management and a board that is not asleep at the wheel.

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    • "Do you actually invest in real stocks?"

      Not's hard to get 3-5 baggers on them. Plus micro caps keep me from using margin power.LOL I kicked myself for not buying C at $1 even though my bro-in-law works there. It was at least 50/50 they would go bankrupt and I've never held a bankrupt stock. I'm sure you've never bought a losing stock.....ever! Why so much interest in this looser of a company???

    • Do you actually invest in real stocks? My whole portfolio is up way over 40%. As I said, a bunch of dunces claiming to be reaping grand profits on a stock that foundered for years and now merely looks good from .12. You should have bought SIRI or C, lame brain.

    • "A bunch of new shareholders telling us nonsense that they bought at .12 and now they are going to reap the benefits."

      Oh total position is up over 40%. The best I got on that day was 15,000 shares at $.11/share.

    • Good to have plenty of bears watching this stock. Can't draw a much better view of what is going to happen over the next year. This is a micro cap BB stock. Don't treat it like a large cap...yet.

      I've always listened to bashers on these boards because sometimes they provide good info, that has changed my mind and caused me to bail on my position. I'm still waiting on your best bear case?

    • He bought 10,000 more. What did it cost him, $3,500? What is your point; he's MDTV's big investor? Watch the Flight of the Conchords. The Conchords have one fan, too.

    • More Pollyanna. This company is going nowhere slowly. That's why no one is interested. It needs to be sold. Management has had years to get this company going and has failed miserably. So what do we get? A bunch of new shareholders telling us nonsense that they bought at .12 and now they are going to reap the benefits. This company is up because of market conditions. There are so many penny stocks that have risen as much as MDTV in the last few months its not funny. The idea that MDTV is going to start to show realy value is absurd. Again, management is mediocre and uses this company as a sinecure.

    • Told you the company might already be buying shares. I love it when a company believes their shares are under-valued.

      Rare gem these days.....a company making progress in a bad economy. Look for increasing subscribers starting in the second half and I haven't even listened to the CC yet.

      Warning!!!!!!!!!....this stock is not for daytraders!

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