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  • roderickb99 roderickb99 Dec 22, 2008 12:17 AM Flag

    Forbes Lehmann Said Buy at $16 in Sept

    Then it went to $4 and no comment from Mr. Lehmann, Forbes


    Such integrity in journalism.

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    • Yep, I have a 1,000 shares of this turkey. What really hairlips me is that they refuse to provide ANY financial information. Preferred share owners are equity investors and, legally, entitled to financial information about their equity investment. Delisting from the NY exchange does not allow them to cease providing financial reports. People are trading this stock in the blind. They don't know ANYTHING about this investment. They don't know what is in the company or investment fund where these preferreds reside. I have written and requested financial information, and they have ignored my request completely. I hate lawyers, but I think its about time to visit one.

    • Still paying dividend so I am hanging in there with some of my shares. What are you doing?

      Do you still own any DCAQP?

    • This jerk recommended it at $23. He has got to be an idiot.

    • If he has no comment, that means still a buy at up to $16. I used to read his newsletter.

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      • We can cry over spilt milk or try and firure out what we own and what to do with DCAQP. I'm also an owner of close to 15,000 shares, although, most below 10.00.
        First, what do we own: As you know CRT was taken private by DRA advisors in 05. The preferred was delisted by the NYSE and now is traded by a bandit in the pink sheets. Before we can discuss what to do with DCAQP we need to collect all the infromation we can in an attempt to make an informed decission. Lets start with Colonial Properties 10Q (CLP). Why Colonial Properties???? Ansewer: Colonial Properties was a joint venture partner in the acq. of CRT by DRA. See joint ventures in the CLP 10Q and you'll find the CRTDRV joint venture. There you'll find a list of all properties that are still owned by the joint venture, including occupancy. The next questions is whare did the DRA put their interest (85%)in the CRT acq. I'm told it was put in the Income and Growth fund V. Fund V has 1.6 billion equity and 7 billion in assets. The fund was closed in 07 and will be liquidated after 10 years at which time the DCAQP preferred will be retired at $25.00 per share. The question is will fund V survive???? Can DRA go back to investors for additional equity if fund V gets in trouble??? Bottom line, major return if DRACRT survives, or total loss is it doesn't. At this point investors biggest concern has to be the leverage in fund V and can they survive. Ansewer this and you'll know what to do. Good Luck to all.