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  • miche8884 miche8884 Apr 9, 2006 2:57 PM Flag

    Shell Game

    The 10 million sale of assets were to a related party. This is the only thing that bothers me about this transaction. I do like that they are making steps to improve their situation but would also like to see some insider purchases.

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    • I am most definitely not primercia. Unlike you I dont use aliases. But I can see your attraction and interest in primercia maybe you should marry him in massachusetts, weirdo weddings like yours are legal there!

    • sorry hit wrong button . i can show proof i bought inno at higher prices. you always trying to stir up trouble. have no basis for your position in either trlg or inno. you are a good short. trying to confuse people.i am not going to get into a pissing contest. you are the one that came out of the closet with your posts under your other screen name primercia. your absurd post are ridiculous. the best you can hope for out of this stock is 5.00 to 10.00 by the end of 2007 and i would love to see it so i can get above water on this. your true colors have come out in the last few days and everyone knows you on the private board as the gay blade.

    • rainbow15002000 .... You asswipe there is no such message on the TRLG board, only fags and gays imagine that other people gay ... so that proves that you are gay.

      Also rainbow15002000 suddenly turns his INNO rating from HOLD to STRONG SELL ... I knew that FAG was a hidden SHORT you lost 77% of his money last few days and is desperate now ... where will he get his next meal .... go to your favorite restaurant ... I mean the nearest homeless shelter.

    • you were the one that declared your intention to go to a gay bar on trlg site

    • rainbow15002000 labels me as homosexual just cuz he has nothing of true substance to tell. Apparently his paid bashing job is not paying because INNO keeps going up so the nut job labels me a a homo ..... just because s/he has a homo blood line does'nt make the rest of the world homo .... now does it? Just because rainbow15002000 is a shemale and can pleasure herself using himself does'nt make the rest of the world homo ... does it?

    • funny how one letter can change a statement. meant to say people who are now homosexual. clearly anyone that can not detect from his statemnts what his orientation is are not reading his full statements

    • i think this is a nice board except rics. do not know why anyone listens to his filthy language. he tries to degrade everyone that dose not agree with him 100%. he makes ridiculous statements about inno. he is a probably a short because there is no way he could believe this stock will go up to his projections. the numbers do not make sense. with over 33 million shares this company has really got to increase sales 200 to 300% the next couple years to even reach 20.00 a share. beware this man is a short or just plain crazy. i own both stocks. i have been inno for over 18 months and so far it has been disappointing. management has yet to prove it can deliver quarter after quarter. beware of the short rics. i have been in trlg almost 2 years at 90cents and have gotten everybit of my money back . have 8000 shares so i have nice profit . will not add to my inno position until it turns the corner. have nothing against people who are not homosexual but it is easy not to like rics. beware of this short

    • Rainbow boy is a paid basher who behaves as a logical investor but comes out with fudged and false facts and make them look real .... the asswipe is related to NICK_DANTONI on the TRLG message board and that asswipe thinks that TRLG is down today on heavy volume which means buying pressure .... RAINBOW and his ALIAS NICK_DANTONI need to get the head out of their ass.

    • by the time the company get to 400 million in sales if it ever does will be paying taxes and will have a lot more stock outstanding because of the stock options. it will be a while before we see 100 million in sales if the company executes extremely well

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