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  • rics321 rics321 Apr 10, 2006 11:18 PM Flag

    don't panic

    tbatts7 ... absolutely brilliant advice for suckers who sold almost 3 million shares in the last 2 trading sessions. Those people are so dumb not to see that this is headed way higher.

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    • funny reading your stuff this morning. turned ignore back off just to see what you said. pushing a button each time buy hold sell strong sell whatever is immaterial. i am in this stock but i am not a strong believer until i can see a turnaround in the company. a few thousand shares is not even worth doing anything with in the big scheme of thing.i am down 4 to 5 thousand in the stock big deal. i am up on over 98% of for put sells and big on other stocks. i am so sorry if i sterotyped you but i am going by statements you have made on this and other boards. actions speak louder than words. you have a consistent pattern that anyone can detect. i am a hold on this stock. not sure if you are long or short your 100 shares but wish you best of luck. you need to get help for your problem. if you want a real cheap peeny stock like inno check out zenx.ob do your dd on this one. earning money and sellingat a dollar.

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