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  • zzaofijb zzaofijb Apr 13, 2010 9:47 AM Flag

    shorts working hard here

    obviously another shorting group has invaded this stock on the earnings miss and forcing the shares down with their short selling early in the day, long term they will lose, sales are increasing dramatically, hope a nice PR will lose them a ton of money, or a merger, even nicer!

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    • It was for me too at the time. Apparently smile and dial is not dead. Just add smile and click now I guess.

    • That's an eye-opener Charlie. We've had quite a few move through the board as you say.

    • Oh they are definitely out there gem. I think we've had a few move through the board in the past few weeks. In fact I've had first hand real life interactions.

      A paid pumper/dumper came around my office (financial) looking for work. During our convo he described his "customer service" work in the financial biz when I asked about any prior experience inside the industry. When I focused the discussion I found that he worked in a small office that goes to the boards and phones to pump or dump. They work from scripts and are told what to post at what board and what to say on the phone. The phone numbers are from lists that originate from old penny and pink subscriptions.

      I could not figure if he was working for a contractor or the traders themselves. At that point I didn't care. He seemed most excited about the money he made and didn't seem to care at all about the "securities" he was talking up or down. I did not get a good feeling regarding his ability to execute on our standards of fiduciary responsibility. Dude was weird too. Sent off a very creepy vibe.

      Anyway- any stock under $10 is a potential target. Under $5, you can count on it. Especially if you're getting a little press. That's why I cringe whenever anybody brings up the idea of needing PR. The major $ knows about JOEZ already. JOEZ needs more fund money and large legit independent $ that wants to get on for the long term big upside.

    • Tattoo, I don't believe in paid 'pumpers' either. Why would they need to be 'paid'? There is no reason for it. The pumpers or people trying to get the price lower, can do both without any assistance by being paid. Their payment is the 'trade'. Even the multiple IDs they use are a waste, you can tell by the content or history.

    • You a correct on being able to tell how peoples perceptions change with the way the stock is moving, As for paid Bashers & Pumpers Sorry but this is where we disagree there are definitly paid bashers and pumpers maybe not as rampant on this board but some boards I keep an eye on it;s like a 40/40/20 split 40% bashers 40% pumper and only approx. 20% of the people post actual good DD like T/A PR's and news worthy info

    • get a clue. Shorts don't have to work, shareholder sentiment is on their side. The call was unimpressive and those who made some nice money on the runup are content to sell their shares and take the profit they made. You're a bagholder. It is going lower. Get a fu king clue

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