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  • peter_norths_proctologist peter_norths_proctologist Mar 4, 2013 4:59 PM Flag

    Could their decline in product quality be contributing to the down-trend in same store sales?

    I think I may have discovered the reason for the puzzling year-long slide in same-store sales. The company is sacrificing quality to gain margin, at the expense of loyal customers. This is good for a bump in short-term profitability, but will be catastrophic in the long-term. We can already see evidence of the mass rebuke from former loyal Joe's customers expressing their disappointment on Facebook. If management doesn't take steps to correct this problem soon, the brand won't be worth much in a few years. Frankly, I wouldn't trust Crossman to do anything to address the problem until it's too late. Being always a day late and a dollar short, he's just too complacent and cavalier to bother with the subtle clues.

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    • If you go to the 7 for All Mankind Facebook page, you will see similar complaints and even pictures of pants with holes in the crotch area. Someone's comment was kind of funny, suggested the poster ate too many beans.

      I'm not sure if the problem is premium denim related, or pants related overall. In the past 2 years, I've purchased about 5-6 pairs of Joe's Jeans for my wife, about 5-6 for myself, and about 10 pair of the Joe's gianni classic that I wear to work. Haven't had a problem with any of them. Actually, amazed at how the stains come out of the gianni classic, they've proven quite durable. My wife is going on two years on her original pair...still wears them about twice a week. I've tried to get her to retire them, but she loves the fit.

      Anyway, I agree Joe's should address the issues on facebook, don't just want to leave the complaints on there without a response. However, they really need to be careful. Can't just say, "Sorry about that, we'll get your new pair in the mail right away", that could just open up the flood gates of people who decided that they didn't get enough life out of their jeans.

      Also, while the 10 complaints or so are on there, they have been increasing their facebook likes by 600 per week recently. That's over 1% per week, which I think is pretty impressive. Seems as if they are doing a good job impressing a lot of new customers as well.

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      • Mpo, thanks for the thoughtful reply. I went to the 7 for All Mankind facebook page. I found one post about a rip in the jeans. I didn't see anyone complaining specifically about a decline in their overall denim quality. Even the guy who had the hole in the jeans thought it was a fluke. He was just looking for some compensation, like a coupon on future purchase. But over at Joe's it seems like a hate fest is going on, the way they are bashing the decline in quality. It's not so much the comments about quality per se that scares me (as that is subjective), but rather the perceived *decline* in quality over time, which is a more objective measure based on empirical user experience. It's hard to argue against that.

        At any rate, it's good to know that you've had good experience with Joe's products. Hopefully there are a lot more happy customers like you. I just don't get their facebook page comments. Being a premium brand, I thought Joe's would have very few, if any, negative commentary about basic quality. I was literally shocked. Oh well. It is good to see their number of likes going up at least.

    • Evidence of the mass rebuke? Didn't you say there we 10? Out of how many? And could all 10 be you Peter?
      There isn't any decline in same store sales. I posted about reading other retailers who said that sales for Nov/
      December were 'soft'. So compared to those retailers ours were ???? E-transaction values were up 63% over
      last year. Nice try Peter, don't let me interrupt.

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