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  • craigleemorgan craigleemorgan Jul 18, 2013 4:07 PM Flag

    Where will we close tomorrow?

    When will the panic be over?

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    • I think "stupidity" is a better word than panic. If you really believe that this earnings "miss" can justify a 33% drop in share price that is just stupid. They " missed" by 1 penny per share - that's about $670 THOUSAND less than the profit guesstimate put out by the anal-ysts. For this the market cap gets slaughtered for a $40 MILLION hit? That's stupidity mutiplied x five and created by idiots.

      I see good sales growth, good margins, and a very upbeat outlook from management. The Hudson deal looks very synergistic and will be essentially self-funding since the additional EBITDA contributed by Hudson will more than pay the debt service. Both entities will see better margins from lower product costs they can command as a much larger player now. Both entities will be able to get market penetration where they could not before because they will share information and resources. ALL the incremental benefit for BOTH entities will show up in Joe's bottom line. It's all quite positive but stupidity rules the day.

      It's probably magnified by margin call selling and of course the always-present Market Maker tricks - yank the price down on 100 share trades and try to force as many stupid people to sell as they can. Where it ultimately settles is up for grabs but any real investor can see this is a gross over-reaction and presents compelling value here. Bottoming depends on when real investors prevail over stupidity-based selling.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • soon- just stay calm and accumulate on dips. look at the long term not just 3 days of extreme volatility

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