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  • hogsgeteaten12000 hogsgeteaten12000 Jan 7, 2010 9:01 AM Flag

    plastic to fuel catalyst that allows far lower temperatures and much greater efficiency.

    bluerooster, I am not the enemy of JBII or any longs so it is counterproductive to personally attack me but does reveal the defensive nature of longs in this type play where the uncertainty of leaving a lot of money invested in a completely speculative issue, inherently causes extreme paranoia. Fine with me is this is the real deal and courageous holders get lottery rich. But a review of the "DD" did not compel me to buy, which was a humorous mistake on my part under a dollar because I don't care if it is real or not, just like the majority of your hero pumpers on Ihub... The fact that other companies have been unable to make money on P2O or PTF even with "secret catalysts" is not more evidence that "Honest John" has inadvertenly bumped into the holy grail of alchemy. You are all big boys so, glty if he is a real Edison or rotflmao if this goes back sub dollar.... hge

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    • BS. You post some stupid company that doesn't know it's ahole from a hole in the

    • fair enough Hogs. You're right that this is a bet on John Bordynuik. So that's where I've done all of my DD. Hi track record looks good so far. I guess either you believe he can continue to execute or you don't.
      Aside from all the "hero pumpers" as you put it, what have you found that makes you believe JB cannot execute? I'd like to know? Its certainly natural to be skeptical that he's another Edison, but what specifically did you not like when you researched him?