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  • chartplay chartplay Feb 19, 2010 6:45 PM Flag

    P20 and EPA guidelines.

    Funny how JBII hasn't mentioned one thing about EPA compliance . I suppose they'll just burn plastic and make oil and not worry about it?? lol
    Have you got a another pumper post for that question Zardiw??

    only down 10% today.. good job longs.

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    • oh boy -- the "LOL" and the multiple "!!!" "???" are back..

      he has mentioned it: islechem is currently verifying the processor for epa compliance. Perhaps NY state EPA is a pushover, but..... ;)

      "only down 10% today" And still a 10 bagger for me. What is it for you...? oh ya, I forgot... Ah well, you'll get em' next time tiger!

    • maybe your busy or didnt have the complete DD so just to help you out: having the P2O processor at islechem for 3+ months is not just for the fun of it! islechem is on board to help ensure a smooth transition ie EPA guidelines. recent human resource acquisitions ie: COO among others are for the same purpose!

      The company is not even 1 year old yet and they john has accomplished more than most companies can dream of after 10 years. Are things going a little to fast for you to comprehend?

      The fact is john is 100 steps ahead of the average yahoo keyboard jockey -- what u think is a problem now - john dealt with months ago....

      wait and see.

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      • smith568 Mar 20, 2010 3:08 AM Flag

        We will wait... and wait... and wait.

        The permits and clearance to set up more than a handful of processers (asuming they actually work as advertised at all) will take months - if not years. I will grant you, though, that Florida would be a good place to try to start.

        I was glad to see that Islechem was hired to help out - it was a step forward to actually get some chemists involved in the company.

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    • smith568 Mar 5, 2010 2:26 PM Flag

      Just so we don't loose track of it - this is one of the more interesting red flags...

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    • Why do you insist on twisting words? Gathering data to support claims is not the same as having an agenda to support claims. They may be assisting with optimizing the technology, but you seem to insinuate that they are doing something bordering on illegal - i.e. twisting the data to support the claims when the facts are not there.

      Yes, I believe that they are acting professionally and not in a manner that would damage their reputation.

    • smith568 Feb 21, 2010 12:59 AM Flag

      This is huge:

      Lets make three gigantic leaps of faith:

      1) JBII is actually trying to be a good company, and not just a scam (IMO - I think this is like 50% chance)

      2) The P2O product actually is as amazing as claimed (IMO - probably not, but at least there is some chance of this...)

      3) There is no 800 pound gorilla waiting to swipe the great product idea as soon as it hatches and basically leave JBII in the competitive dust (IMO - if conditions 1 & 2 are met, I see a 95% chance of someone else eating their junch anyway - this is a big hurdle...)

      IF - If JBII survives all three of these hurdles, the fourth hurdle will be the odds of being able to launch the product with the propper permits and compliance processes in place to satisfy whatever onerous state and federal laws they will be forced to deal with. Regulatory compliance is a GIGANTIC problem here, and I have seen nothing to indicate that they have gathered any of the resources they will need to get over this one. In fact, not a single word has been said about it - except for the kooky JBI Maritime thing, which I expect they will claim gives them the "ability" to skirt all laws and just process plastic at sea (...good luck at that).

      Of course, all of this has to be done before they run out of cash first. Yikes. This is not easy: if they can pull it off, my hat will be off to them, because I honestly don't think they can do it.

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    • Anybody who has been in the chemical industry knows just how difficult it is to get air, water, and hazardous waste permits. It can be a two year journey, especially for a new process that you don't already have documented specs for.

      If little weasle J.B. starts running an illegal operation before it's permitted, I'LL report him to the EPA and DEP! They'll shut him down in a pico-second. Then he WILL make the front page of the news paper!

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      • You guys are morons. In one breath you bash JBI's pyrolisis method, citing that there are already companies using this technology and it's nothing new, then in the next breath you state how it is going to be hard to get EPA permitting on a new process that you don't already have documented specs for.
        An intelligent person would realize that the EPA has given permits for pyrolosis methods of converting plastic to oil in the past, thus setting their guidelines for acquiring a permit for these sorts of applications and that when IsleChem's report shows that JBI's machine is well within their guidelines it should just be standard permit application timelines to be followed in receiving the permit.

      • EPA , lol

        Where is the third party validation...
        IsleChem says it wil support claims of JB .. not validate...

        "IsleChem is currently running a JBI processor at their site and gathering analytical data to support the Company's green claims and technology. The analytical data IsleChem is collecting covers a range of post consumer feedstocks and will be utilized to enable the JBI global growth strategy.
        As well, IsleChem has been supporting JBI's engineers to maximize process efficiency and fuel output for target markets."