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  • lilliancap lilliancap Feb 26, 2010 7:19 PM Flag

    ihe ihub board for jbii

    id just like to drop a quick note here ... i wanted to share the fact that i had no less than 10 posts deleted today on ihub, all within a matter of seconds ...

    each of my posts were balanced and thoughtful- and although skeptical in nature, not harsh or tinged w profanity or anything offensive

    simply honest skepticism and curiosity around many of the issues that i know a lot of people have w the stock (not to mention the company and the various posters as well)

    unfortunately i didnt make copies of my posts (i naively assumed they would not be deleted) because i would love to issue them here

    i dont understand the rationale of the moderators -- they arent going to help the stock by suppressing contrary views -- the market will eventually prove them right or wrong- in fact, the market has spoken loudly since the barrage of press releases and much-hyped conference call, sending the stock spiraling -50% in the following trading days- all while bid volume has dried up (in fact if you watch the stock, you can see that it is merely prop bids that are keeping it above $4, presumably to assist in potential uplisting)

    id note that given how much inherent skepticism a story like this breeds on its own, the fact that the moderators are consistently deleting contrary posts and spamming crazy bullish, one-sided messages- well that actually hurts the stock a lot in my opinion because it further obscures credibility in a name that has more characters and unbelievable elements as any south american soap opera ...

    anyhow- i thought id just note all this in the hopes that maybe the ihub board can be cleaned up and an honest dialogue can develop ...

    right now i think the ihub admin is reviewing the posts and will hopefully choose to force them back on to the board ... the funny thing is that i could care less about the ultimate outcome of the stock- ive never owned it, or shorted it, and never will (i did try shorting it twice but my broker would not allow it, not even in the private books, as i presume there simply werent any shares for borrow) ... but i think its something about the orwellian nature of the board, the 1984 aspect of getting spammed w the same hilarious hype every hour by the big brother/moderator yet at the same time, not having the simple freedom of speech to reply and open up for debate- it isnt right

    and whether zardi or rawnoc realizes it, it truly does damage credibility, which isnt a good thing on a name that you claim to want to own for years and so on ...

    anyways, raw, Z, whomever, id love an honest dialogue if you can have one- raw you should be able to access me deleted posts through Zardi i guess right ? i assume he deleted them and hence must have access to them and since a few were intended for you, id love you to be able to actually read them (what a thought !!!)

    anyways, good luck

    thank you

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    • iHub, with few exceptions, is a cesspool. It was founded and run by a criminal stock promoter, remember.

      The JBII board is especially stinky with the professional pumpers who moderate the thing deleting any post that wasn't from their cult.

    • Still waiting on all these questions you asked.....again, maybe there are answers!

    • I agree the downfall of JBII, other than their lack of ability to make money, is ihub and all the pumpers. Most people posting factual information that debunk most of JBII's claims is due to people asking questions on ihub, getting bashed for it, then having any useful negative posts deleted. I know that is why i am here and will continue to dig up information proving this company to be worthless. I have no financial position in JBII, just got pissed to see people endlessly hyping a company for their own gain and having my posts deleted.

    • Raw and z post debate on the ihub dump the pump board, fwiw

    • From a Warren Buffet point of view, what these guys are doing on IHUB is foolish, IF they truly believe in the company.

      IF they thought the story was for real, they would stay quiet and want the share price to stay low so they could load up on more shares as the Messiah develops the business. It's of no benefit for them to run the stock price up UNLESS THEY ARE PLANNING TO SELL!!!! Think about it.

      But cynical old bitties like myself suspect that the goal here is NOT to accumulate a bunch of equity in a long term investment, the goal of the 'smartest men in the room' (the IHUB clan) is to suck in as many 'greater fools' as they can, drive the stock price up, and dump their shares before the reality of how far over his head J.B is, sets in.

      Just too, too, too many assertions backed up by too, too, too few details.


      • 1 Reply to thefattlady
      • I have seen this line of reasoning many times on these posts and can't understand why people don't see it. Stock price means nothing if you are not buying or selling. Since JBII stays afloat by PIPEs, that may be what they are looking for, get the price up and then do PIPE #3. Everything else is mental masturbation. The insiders (never have I seen such a dichotomy between insiders and the rest) would want the stock as low as possible, buying up as much of the company as possible to later enjoy the rewards. Instead, the latest hyping means new PIPE coming or the insiders are selling right into the hype. Either way, us outsiders will never know. This is a racket, pure and simple.

    • Care to share what the contents of your posts were??
      Maybe questions can be answered.


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