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  • inflamed_colon inflamed_colon May 2, 2006 10:58 AM Flag

    Wow! Great Day for TCX.

    It looks like people are really excited for earnings.

    lololol hahahhahaha

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    • another large holding FRPT.ob had a good day, we saw the 50mil order last night on the raging bull board but I had all my shares at .86 yeeeeeehawwww

      TCX next!

    • Ah ha ha ha, nothing wrong with that.

      Yeah I'm still alive man. And I'm not black in case you're wondering (not that that matters), I'm a guitar player hence the "Jimi." My name is Jim but I go by Jimmy/Jimi.

      So yeah, I'd be interested in hearing your stock. Dividends are a very good sign of a stock - when you include them, your true ROI is really greatly enhanced by getting companies that pay them. And companies that pay them are usually solid, to say the least.

      Talk to you soon CJR. Thursday baby!


    • No problem CJR. Just keep an on eye them. I usually only invest in "real" companies as well, but you know, once in a while I like to take a shot at these little guys. Yeah, you make a good point about the food industry/big players - but since I'm in at 2 cents, I only have 2 cents per share to lose even down to zero, so I'll take a chance for now.

      Now let's focus on the real deal here - TCX. The volume is extremely low but that's good. That means all the buyers in the last year are just holding. Minimal action, minimal price movement - no big deal. Wait till Thrusday. My spin is we know it's going to most likely be 15MM anyway because they're usually on with their verbal estimates for next quarter - so, to the many people who won't even realize it's acqusition related, it will seem (and it is anyway per se) a big jump from 12MM last Q. Just that will get many investors on board. Some will be saavy enough to read and realize it's acquistion related, and will probably buy anyway because it was a smart acquisition and use of cash at the time and that's a positive reflection of the management.

      And if revenues are above $15MM, all parties will go mad buying. JMHO. Only a day away.



    • Hey man,

      How are you. Listen, I just can't resist, but I know I told you about NMKT and I think you may have even bought some (or someone else did), but anyway, I did mention IFDG also - I'm telling you, check them out. Really low exposure (only 6 cents) but check out the news in the last few days. The way I see it, minimal risk, maximum upside (somewhat similar to TCX but different of course - no great financials yet but again, read the news).


    • does that mean you have an obsession to post?
      pigs get fed and hogs get slaughtered in the stock market , don't like the last word so hogsgeteaten. I'm in TCX also at .86 but not an expert o the subject so hope the godaddy ipo will give a boost. glty hogs

    • You dont get the hogs get eaten? Hehe, well heres the story. I myself have been a hog or pig at times and I have suffered for it but anyway, I cut it from one of my sources:

      ...And Pigs Get None
      Welcome To The Farm

      There are a lot of different investment styles, methodologies, and personalities out there. Perhaps you can tell which one describes you by browsing the following feature, or at very least learn which philosophy most appeals to you. (Please don't choose pig).

      The Bulls Get Some...

      Bulls are optimistic about the potential of the market and the individual stocks. They believe that there will be market and stock price appreciation over time. In other words, an up trend. Besides the common investment analysis criteria, they believe heavily in momentum, trends, and ongoing economic growth. They don't like interest rate hikes or uncertainty regarding major issues of significance. Bulls sometimes buy on margin (invest with borrowed money).

      Bulls are unlike pigs, because bulls know when to take profits. They are happy with a realistic gain since they believe that there are a whole host of other excellent stocks with great upside to shift the profits into.

      The Bears Get Some...

      Bears love market uncertainty and interest rate hikes, because these things hurt the market. They believe in price depreciation among stocks and the markets, and employ strategies to make money when things are heading south. While bulls usually watch their gains fizzle out in down-drafts, bears employ hedging, short selling, and safe-harbor methods to pull in their profits.

      Bears are like courageous chickens in that they are fearful and wary of the market, but instead of fleeing they use their caution to their greatest financial advantage.

      The Chickens Stay Out Of The Market...

      Chickens are afraid to commit, or to lose even a single cent. This fear overrides their need to make profits, so they often turn to money-markets and bonds for safety, or steer clear of the markets all together. This is all well and good, since you should never invest in anything that you lose sleep over. You should never put non-risk money into a risky investment. Leave that to the pigs.

      ...And The Pigs Get None.

      Pigs are always looking for one big score. They buy high-risk stocks and hold on no matter how low the shares sink. Even when they see some excellent gains from an investment, they never take their profits, so they never realize any benefit from investing. Instead they let the money ride, always expecting a little more. Some rare pigs do eventually sell off their profit positions, but they usually turn around and immediately dump their returns into an even riskier stock, and try to hold on for an even bigger gain.

      Pigs buy from 'tips' they hear at the water cooler, and invest in companies without doing their due diligence. They get impatient, greedy, and emotional about their investments, and are drawn to things like day trading, options, and derivatives, without putting in the proper time or money to learn about these investment vehicles.

      Although harmful to themselves, pigs are both necessary and beneficial to the bulls and bears. It is often from the loses of the pigs that the bulls and bears reap their profits. After all, you can smell burning bacon from a mile away!

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