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  • h_l_oldfart h_l_oldfart Sep 26, 2002 1:49 PM Flag

    Market Share

    Wow, someone pinch me. BBT is #1 in Norfolk...LOL

    Now, where does BBT stand in the really FAST growing areas like Atlanta, Washington, DC, Richmond, Orlando, Nashville, Jacksonville, Tampa? Oh that is right.....BBT just has a little toehold in FL. And their entrance into GA has been less than a success.

    BBT=Bad Banking and Trust.

    What does the future hold for BBT in those high growth areas of West Virginia and Kentucky?

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    • Old Fart--You don't know in fact STI didn't bid on Allfirst no more than BBT did or didn't.STI in fact may have wanted it very much but was outbid...we don't know those facts.But when it comes to needs in markets,suspect STI needs any major city in North Carolina more than BBT needs Baltimore.Also,STI may be #1 in large-city markets while BBT isn't,but as far as performance goes,which is what counts,BBT outperforms STI(ROA,P/E)at the present.STI is $1B greater in market cap(Coke is + or - $2.0B after-tax assumption of that),while BBT is $75B in assets compared to STI's $100B.Having #1 market shares in the major markets doesn't necessarily translate to being #1 in the criteria that are most important with investors.

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      • Let me tell you what being #1 in market share means. Because you are obviously too ignorant to understand what old fart is referring to.

        BBT and STI WILL both be sold within the next 5 years. Neither can go it alone. The smart thing to do would be to merge under the BBT name with HQ in Atlanta. But that probably wont happen.

        When bigger banks come calling, they will look at STI's position in major markets and offer their stockholders a much better price than what BBT stockholders will get.


    • Ouch! But these are fair questions after you take out the uncalled for jabs. I'm interested in other's opinions around OF's "objective" comments/questions. They don't seem to be really going after growth markets as of late. FL yes, but Tallahassee ??



    • The toehold in FLA is now a footprint. In a couple years it will be a big shadow since JA has obviously turned his attention there.
      By the way, there is only one real measuring stick for the most successful bank. Compounded ROE, period.

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