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  • rwmgn rwmgn Nov 27, 2002 10:04 AM Flag


    Will BBT see 40 by the end of the year?


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    • Yahoo-Finance research shows 16 brokers giving, for the next 12 months, a target price for BBT stock with a low of 32 and a high of 60.
      The thing is, you can't put too much faith/trust in the opinions of brokers and analysts. Many have had buy ratings on stocks all the way to BK court.

    • RW:

      BBT is looking good - still own a few shares - being in the S&P really helps a lot. Everytime the market goes up - BBT shares get bought up as new buyers are buying S&P index funds.

      Our biggest worry? Interest rate hikes always hurt the bank stocks.

      Take care and Happy Thanksgiving.


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      • Coming from the FMN system, I have enjoyed the conversion and consequent jump to light speed. Keeping half the exchanged shares has proven wise my young apprentice. The rest of the galaxy has plunged, but BBT remains strong.
        Market share growth, deposit expansion,and improved earnings have supported the stock price. Is the expansion in these areas exclusively aquisition driven or has real growth taken place? Has management grown the business or merely used our dollars to expand?

        The mortgage division is living off of the refinance boom. Are they making any NEW home mortgages? Are the working new construction, RE Brokers, and Developers to be in a position to grow when the rates return to "normal"?

        The Insurance division is making money! Alot of money! And unlike some of the cyclical units like mortgage- insurance rates are on the rise, as are profits, for good. This division will be a growing and predictable earner for many years to come. A small part of the company by comparison, but reliable and significant.


    • I hope so ,but do not believe they will.My money has flop around like a fish for the last four years.Low 30s to high30s then back again.Divs.have been good but thats not why I have held it for 10 years.I want to see 50s.Then I will sale some.

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