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  • bowtieoneon bowtieoneon Dec 12, 2002 9:49 PM Flag

    About that war...

    All of us around NC have proven recently that we will not do well in the post-nuke winter, thus, I say go after the thug now, before it is too late.

    And while I'm at it, Bush should make a list of about 10 Arab/Muslem cities know to harbor terrorists and each time something bad happens here pull one out the hat and drop some bombs--not nukes, just bombs. I think that might dry up some enthusiasem (sp) for the terrorists.

    Not a good sentiment this time of year or ever but that's what it will take, eventually....

    As for BBT: long and strong, and I'm broke if I'm wrong.

    Have a great Christmas & Best Regards to the Board,

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    • Now I spend a fair amount of time on yahoo stock boards, and so I naturally read a large amount of ridiculous malarkey. But I would like to congratulate you, bowtie, on writing the most self-embarrassing post I've ever read on a yahoo message board. Ever.
      I hope that after some reflection during the holiday season you will recognize the immorality of bombing innocent civilian populations. If you're too hard-hearted for that, then at least you could realize how hypocritical it would be for the leading voice for democracy and freedom in the world to go around murdering people.
      Merry Christmas,

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      • Ms.wyyysoccer,

        Thank you for the congratulatory reply.

        Do you know the estimate of American lives saved by dropping bombs on Hiroshima and Nakasaki? Do you consider that an immoral act taken by Truman?

        I was not speaking of nukes, by the way, and was speaking of the enclave towns these terrorists use for headquarters.

        Do you believe that Israeli bombing of Palestinian towns after attacks is immoral? How about a pre-emptive strike on Iraq? I believe both are necessary and prudent.

        Was the invasion of Afganestan propper?

        We are at war. Unfortunatly that usually means kill or be killed.

        I stand by my sentiments although I regret bringing them up on the board as it's not the appropriate venue.

        Best Regards you you and the board.

      • The attitudes and goals of the people around the world are getting totally unrealistic. It seems like everybody is wanting to kill everybody else. The world is full of nuts. Amen, amen, amen, I say unto you brothers and sisters out there in message board land, repent, 'The end must be getting close'.
        Let's hope the world stays stable long enough for BBT to double in price and then give us at least enough time to spend our profits.

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