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  • DoctorJunJun DoctorJunJun Dec 17, 2002 7:38 PM Flag

    Re: Ms Wyyysoccer

    I don't undertsand your logic - you own the stock, but yourn disclosure is that you want to sell? I ask you again, my good man, what other investment do you have that is better than good old Branch Banking and Trust?

    Do you bank there? If so, you would not sell.

    RW - what have you been up to old man?

    Readum - what have you been up to young man?

    Dr. JunJun

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    • Doc, you ask what I had been up to. I can say I am up to to many pounds for a fellow almost 76 years young. I do like to eat and take full advantage of my wife's good cooking. I play golf two or three times a week (weather permitting this time of the year)

      I am still active as a member of the county EDC and TDA boards. We just landed a new industry for the county that will provide 300 jobs in an area badly hurt by the loss of textile jobs.

      I try to meet with the locals at the drug store two or three times a week for a cup of coffee and good conversation.

      I spend more time on this computer than I should. I have always enjoyed photography as a hobby. Now with digital photography I have a whole new concept to play with. Also spend a great deal of time on "ham" radio talking to people all over the world.


      DOC! thanks for asking and again it is good to have you back on the board.



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      • RW:

        Good to hear you have been kickin. Keep that wife of yours young now, don't forget her...

        I stopped being on this computer thing so much - turns your mind to mush. I volunteer and spend lots of time with people. I was spending too much time on the money thing - I mean - when we die - it ain't coming with us you know?

        God has big plans for us in heaven - that I know.

        Merry christmas to you, your family, readum, denna, fan, and even stock although i disagree with him.

        Dr. JunJun

      • Time is a problem when you retire. I believe retirement dramatically speeds up time. Remember when you were 6 and summer lasted forever, now summer is gone in a flash. The older we get the faster time travels. The only way I know to slow it down is to find some tasks that are totally boring and engulf yourself in it. This seems to make the day longer.

    • Doc -

      It's all about the return. Why hold a stock I "like" if I can trade it and increase my yield? Doesn't mean I don't like BBT - I would never buy a stock I didn't like on fundamentals just to try and "play the market". I have too high an opinion of the investor community. (I almost thought this logic wasn't working until the dot.bomb cycle finally reached reality.)

      So, I think $38 is a good sell opportunity based on the logic (?) that BBT's historical trading range will drop the price down again and make a purchase at a lower price a possibility (this assume no major problem contributing to the drop). I guess this is playing swings in the overall market to some degree, but - Hey - it seems to work for me. If you've been reading over the last year, you've also seen me indicate "hold" and "buy". BTW, selling short is also an option, but I prefer to have cash available instead and transaction costs are so low now, that is not an issue.

      And yes, there are other good investment plays out there when I'm in cash after a "sell a little bit" sale, which I have taken advantage of. I use other "names" on boards of other investments because I don't think you should mix the Boards up, but you may see my writing style (?) under other names on othe Yahoo boards I frequent.

      Hope that helps you understand the method to my madness.



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      • You make a lot of sense, and if your system works for you---then, by all means, continue it. The only factor you seem to have ignored is the liklihood of increased stock prices over the long/short run. For example, if BBT goes to, say, 45-48 within a few months AFTER you sold it at 38 to get a higher yield elsewhere, then you made a bad decision. Yes, I know it is impossible to predict the price of a stock in the months ahead, but you MUST at least consider it in making your decision to sell. I usually consider the Value Line rating for the next 12 months before thinking about selling. Not perfect, to be sure, but if a stock is ranked #1 (or even #2) for the next 12-month period, I would never sell it, even if it was at an historic high and higher yields were available elsewhere. Just a thought.....

    • Certainly not spending any gains on tech stocks. Actually, I have been playing as much golf with my kids as possible. When I see an eighteen year old hit the ball 280 yards it makes me feel NOT YOUNG.
      Anyway, the very best to you,Doc, during this CHRISTmas season and beyond.

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