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  • waleewezell waleewezell May 27, 2003 5:13 PM Flag

    Re: 13 branches

    Highest qualified bidder!

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    • RW:

      Good to see you arounbd you old codger. How is life? I have been busy - never a dull moment you know us old guys right?

      Glad to hear you saw the doc - but just rememgbwer my favorite saying - we all want to get to heaven, just nobody wants to die to get there!

      Dr. JunJun

    • You are so right, Doc. Cash is GOOD. Love the dividend increase. Will be buying back prior to next record date.

    • Hi Doc!!! RW is still here. Had my annual physical yesterday and it looks like this board will have to put up with me a bit longer.

      As for BB&T, I hold to what I have said for many years. BB&T is a good investment. I thank JA each time I buy a new set of golf sticks.

      I have not sold a share and as long as we get good dividends I will not part with a share. I hope ny daughter and grandkids feel the same way when the stock become theirs.

      Thanks for asking about me Doc.


    • Readum:

      Did you see BBT today increased their CASH dividended 10% payable on August 1?

      How many of those tech company stocks do you own that have a dividedn? How about how many of them increased its dividend by 10%?

      I now only buy stocks that are companies making money, like BBT. Its hard to find any.

      Where is RW?

      Dr. JunJun

    • I invested in the beaten down discount web brokers (ET, AMTD, TRAD). I started buying them at what I thought were bargain prices and then suffered through them halving in price. I stuck to my guns and and bought WAY more and they have since tripled. I think they have a little more to run, but I will eventually roll back into BB&T.
      What else are you in?

    • Readum,

      what did you buy thats done so good? I once bought a stock callend an oracle and it went down and I never reeally understood what they did anyway. Those tech stocks were no good. Don't listen to brokers, do your own research.

      I really like my good old BBT stock - anf guess what stock and readum? THEY ACTUALLY MAKE MONEY EVERY QT!!!!! AND THEY PAY A DIVIDEND.

      I have bought some other stocks if your interested.

      Dr. JunJun

    • That was my point. I also am long, but glad I was in some other stocks that have dramatically done better - well, some did do worse ;)

      Anyway, I was glad I was following my sell a little bit targets and I made $$ on trading BBT between $32-38 as well, but not much.

      I'm a "hold" at this price. But it better start moving to 38 and above, or I will probably shift out some more. I fear that they will announce another purchase and push it down to the $30 level again.

      Blind Faith was a good band, but not a good way to approach the Market.



    • Here we go again with the discussion about the merits of short, intermediate or longterm investment. I still have tons of BB&T, but I was smart enough to diversify. And guess what. The ones I bought in the last year have GREATLY outperformed our beloved BB&T. I am approximately $120K better off now than if I had stayed all in BBT.
      That is not to say that your tortoise-like approach will not do very well for you. And I expect BB&T to make new highs this year.

    • Readum,

      Thats about the worst statement I have read in years. With all the stocks declining in recent years, what other holdings do you have that have held up as well as bbt and given you qt dividends?

      Bets thing would have to bought more bbt.

      Dr. JunJun

    • Compared to many other financial issues, BB&T has pretty much treaded water for years. Best thing I ever did was diversify my retirement plan. Still own mucho BB&T, but the other holding have performed MUCH better.
      With that said, wouldn't be surprised to see a spike to low 40s as a catch up.

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