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  • jim56442 jim56442 Dec 10, 2003 10:18 PM Flag

    5 year returns comparisons


    I'm at least throwing something out and trying to make comparisons. Even mentioned who said they were comparables and where the information is available. All I see and hear from you is that you don't like what I post.

    What are you suggesting as comparisons and a reasonable time frame. You might want to give what source you got the comparables and why they are comparables. As I have stated over and over my comparables have come from a WSJ article, Goldman Sachs, and AOL research sites.
    Even BBT can't seem to make up their minds what the comparables are. Check out the proxy statements the last four years or so. Several banks have dropped in and out of the comparables and the number of comparables change almost yearly

    One thing I do know is when a stock I own does not give me a good return. This stock has returned less than 2% annually over the last five years and that includes the dividend.

    The top executives are the only ones making any real money on this stock in the last five years.They sure are not satisfied with a 2% annual return on their pay and benefits.

    By the way what do you do with BBT? Hope it is not in investing if you think this has been a good stock the last five years.

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