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  • mikejaquish mikejaquish Jan 4, 2004 9:34 AM Flag

    Dividends? So????

    "It appears you may have had a current 12-20% +/- annual return on dividends alone.
    Many seek such a return, and I could sit on that myself, but hope you find the investment vehicle you seek."

    My bad. Should have deleted the "have had" and referred to go forward basis. That was my initial intent.

    "The big question is what is my current return on an annual basis? The answer to that question is that if you bought this stock in the last 5 years or so the annual return on investment has been horrible. On Cree's stock he probably would have been considerablely better off if he has sold the stock in 1998 and invested the proceeds somewhere else."
    Yup. And hindsight has 20/20 vision, 15/20 with Laser surgery. :-)

    "Which would you prefer to own? $2.56/$76.60 equals a 3.3%return $3.20/$79.09 equal a 4.0% return"

    Truly can't answer that. And once again, we are mixing living in the past with the present, i.e., comparing an old BBT buy with current buy opportunity in BAC. No?
    Also overlooked in the "hooey" is the detail of the type of account. I have Roth, IRA, and taxable cash accounts.
    Hard to take 15% capital gain tax hit + brokerage fees on a 10 year gain to get the 21% increase in a taxable account? I think so, unless I have losses to offset, because first year dividends wash due to 15% decrease in capital to invest.
    In a Roth or deferred tax account, I probably would move.

    And I think we've beat this one to death.

    Let's all have a great week,

    Mike J

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    • I know it's been beat to death, but I gotta take myself to task.

      Of course, LT capital gain tax would only apply to the gain. Duh! But still....

      My bad, again. Gotta get the caffeine in balance...

      If we aren't having fun, we're doing it wrong,

      Mike J

    • Welcome Mike. You've added to our group!

      As I've said many times on this board, anyone who uses anything they get here to make investment decisions is making a mistake. This is, after all, entertainment. Now it may be fun and there often are comments that make me think, but I still realize the Yahoo boards for what they are and are not and I hope everyone else does too.

      Again, thanks for your input to the board. You and particularly jim have been interesting reading.



      PS - I was an engineer - now retired. I worked with numbers, of course, but my accounting comes from learning on the job. That's why it is only a little bit accurate!

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