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  • jim56442 jim56442 Feb 11, 2004 3:17 PM Flag

    BB&T will go up

    According to Yahoo's finance site the 2003 earnings per share were $2.78 and the 2004 average estimate per share is $2.87.

    If the above is true then there would not be
    any reason for a share of stock to increase very much considering all other things as being equal.

    This would indicate if the P/E stays at 13.87 with the 2003 year closing price of $38.56 a share, that the year end price for 2004 would be $39.81 a share.

    Unless some other factors come into play that would move the stock, the above seems to be the mostly likely outcome for 2004.

    Just my opinion. What am I missing?

    Your for better investing,


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    • Banking stock averages like XLF are typically up 30% over the past year - BBT is not. Bank averages were up like 1% yesterday - BBT was up 0.25%. Hey, it is a laggard at this tme.

    • Book Value, Jim.

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      • Ellen,

        I tried to do some research on the book value, but it seems that every site was showing different figures on the book value. What was offered was from a low of $11 plus change to a high of $18 plus change. Don't know which site was correct,what or whom was doing the figures and what their citeria was in coming to their conclusion.

        Once owned some shares of a bank in Texas that had a great book value were paying a fantastic dividend and the next thing I knew they were bankrupt. My past experience has been that the company controls most of the variables in determining book value.

        I could point you to a company that is selling below book value and is paying over a 6% dividend, but I would not invest in them at their current price.

        Hope this answers your question.


    • You are right, but remember, the banking industry has had a tough couple years. As the economy continues to strenghten,especially NC, and all banks improve their margins, I believe the stock will resume it 17 P/E.

      BB&T did not do as well as they expected, but they continued to outperform their competitors. Not in stock performance, but in actual results.

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