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  • jim56442 jim56442 Mar 18, 2004 12:28 PM Flag



    Can the other people reading the board assume that if Youndoc answers your questions that you and BBTFan will answer the same questions. I have a question I'd like to add. Will wstr75 and BBTFan answer the question exactly what is your current and past relationship to BBT?

    Youngdoc this seems to be the way a few people on this board have of trying to keep anyone from questioning anything about the company and their actions. Do not fall for this. This is not the first time this has been done.

    Yours for better investing,


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    • 1. Currently have personal and corporate business accounts with BB&T.
      2. BB&T shareholder
      3. Had my first BB&T checking and savings accounts at age 11 back in 1963. Saved my tobacco work pay and cucumber crop sales and bought my own clothes from age 11 otherwise I'd still be wearing the flannel shirts and double-reinforced knees husky jeans from Sears that my style unconcious mother always seemed to buy for me back in those days. Tobacco earnings = freedom to choose and to better fit into the school scene. BTW, it was always amazing to me how much money one could make from a 1/2 acre of cucumbers that is picked every day. The key was picking every day. Cucumber vines will produce 100% more in a season if you keep cucumbers picked off the vines. The same is true for running any business - you have to be continually working it "every day" to get maximum returns.

      Jimbo, do you feel BBTFan and wstr75 were hard on YoungDoc and his continued concern about layoffs? By the way, I have no idea who BBTFan is, where he/she lives or does for a living.

      "Does for a living", now that's an interesting statement. Maybe a better way to say it is, "what BBTFan does to earn a buck". People often do things like go to church, play golf, take grandchildren fishing and other non-income producing activities to "do for a living".

      • 2 Replies to wstr75
      • 1.Long term full service customer and shareholder.
        2.Retired after 43 year career in US Navy, Insurance and Financial services.
        3. made money spending less than earnings and investing. make money now investing, enjoying spending it.
        4. Disagree totally with Jim that truth is somewhere between opinions. Truth is facts. My respect for the board and unknown readers is such that I try to stick to facts I can back up and identify opinions as such. Will confess to occasional impatience with garbage posted & even sometimes call it what it is supported by facts.
        This is a very good, not perfect company, that has been one of my better investments.
        This is a fun board, an entertaining diversion, but the internet deserves to be respected IMHO. And most posters seem to.


      • wster75

        Thanks for the reply. Your bio sounds much like my own. Wonder which is more work and rewarding picking cumcumbers and tobacco or sitting up pins in a bowling alley for a nickle a game? One does what one has to do to make a buck and improve oneself.

        My reply was in not wanting youngdoc to drop off the board. I don't know anything about him or the other posters on the board. Just think that neither side is 100% right on most of the board's discussions. My opinion is that in most cases the real truth is somewhere between the two sides of the argument. I feel that discussion is good and both sides need to be presented.

        This is the only board that I visit on a somewhat regular basis and I throughly enjoy seeing both sides of most discussions. However, there does seem to be some posters who seem to try to get the people who post negative items to drop off the board.

        The above being said and just my opinion the board is a lot more civil than the few others that I have read messages on.

        Hope your day goes well and we all make lots of money today.


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