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  • stillginyit stillginyit May 12, 2004 8:10 PM Flag

    shareholder meeting

    bb&t has been doing all these things for awhile. these things take time to become effective folks, so dont get yer pants in a wad. have ya ever noticed how long it takes tax cuts on the fed level to show results? its like a marathon, the first 20 is what you hafta go thru to get to the last 6. during that first 20 you have many doubts as well as many hopes, so look ahead to the last mile. its gonna happen.

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    • Still,

      You have got to be kidding. This stock was at $67.685 a share March 31,1998 which was before a two for one split. That would be $33.84 a share today.

      Even a marathon should have been over at 6 years plus.

      I thought the reason the executives were paid the big bucks were that they were suppose to be able to adapt to market conditions and produce good results in all market conditions. Otherwise, why do they make the money they do?
      They have already decreased earnings estimates for 2004 and the estimates for 2005 are not that great in comparison to recent years.

      Even a blind pig can find an acorn occasionally. Why can't this company.

      Just my opinion,


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      • utives make the big bucks that they do? Usually the executives are in bed with the board of directors. Executives and board members are usually big stock holders and each tends to take care of the other. Usually a rather small hand full of people have the controlling stock and these people make all decisions. As the old Polish saying goes: The big boys take care of each other".

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