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  • burtoftheswamp burtoftheswamp Jun 17, 2004 2:24 PM Flag

    It's a damn shame...

    I may not often agree with anything stillginyit says, but this time he has hit his nail on the head!!

    He says: "Doesn't mean any of us is any more intelligent than the other, but since I am (old also) I happen to respect experience ... Those of our ancestors right on up to us who have fought and died for freedom of expression didn't do it for someone to dictate how we should think act or express it. Thats whats great about being an American."

    He is so right about any of us not being more intelligent than the other, and about us old guys having the experiece, and about freedom of expression in America!

    I am older than any of youse, I have the experience of reading the Weekly World News for decades. It is one of the world's finest, just as good as Fox News, only American owned! And the WWN says the TOP 7 EXECUTIVES OF BB&T BANK ARE ALL ALIEN SPACE INVADERS!!! The Department of Homeland Security is about to arrest them!!! The conclusion is obvious: BB&T will have to get another bank to take over!

    Don't you people disrespect my experience, my intelligence, or my source! Heroes died in the trenches of Cherbourg, and the streets of Baghdad -- so you and I could have the freedom to experience the Weekly World News! Gawd, this is so Patriotic I'm gonna cry of happiness. Did you know crying and American beer cleans the body of alien spors which are trying to replicate you?

    Stillginyit I am sure will back me on this: only we can protect America and BB&T from Alien Space Invaders!

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